Pitch with confidence

By Zoe Hyde | March 8, 2021

Pitch with confidence to secure new investors, partners, staff, and customers  Pitching is an essential part of building your startup. This is your opportunity to persuade and influence people to either work with you or support you. Even if you are a nervous public speaker, you can pitch like a pro — and it all comes down to practice, preparation, and knowing your audience!  So,…

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Non-technical founder, Angelo Saridis

Meet Angelo Saridis, non-technical founder of a tech startup

By Zoe Hyde | January 18, 2021

Angelo Saridis founded Urban Farmland during the 2019 Startup Gippsland Program. Urban Farmland is a two-sided marketplace which connects landholders for urban food growing initiatives. We sat down with Angelo to hear more about his journey, and how Startup Gippsland helped him launch his own tech-startup without having a background in technology.     APPLY NOW Believe it or not, you too can found a…

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Application tips Startup Gippsland

3 Application tips to help you stand out from the crowd

By Zoe Hyde | January 13, 2021

Do you want to submit an application that stands out from the crowd? Startup Gippsland’s own, Brenna Leech, is here to give you 3 tips to help you write an application which will be sure to capture the attention of our team.     APPLY NOW If you are ready to apply for our brand new program, this is what you need to know! You…

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Non tech founder, Hugo Richard

Meet Hugo Richard, non-technical co-founder of a tech startup

By Zoe Hyde | January 12, 2021

Hugo Richard co-founded Dystech, an artificial intelligence which provides screening to adults and children for dyslexia. Since its launch 3 years ago, Dystech has supported thousands of families, their technology has been backed by multiple scientific publications, and they have partnered with organisations internationally, throughout America, Singapore, UK, and New Zealand. We sat down with Hugo to hear more about his journey, and how he…

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James Muir, non-technical founder

Meet James Muir, non-technical founder of a tech startup

By Zoe Hyde | January 2, 2021

James Muir founded Treiner, an online marketplace connecting soccer coaches with players across Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia! Since its launch in 2017, Treiner has grown exponentially, and now hosts over 3,000 coaches on the site. We sat down with James to hear more about his journey, and how he launched his own tech-startup without having a background in technology.     APPLY NOW Believe…

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Elements of design Product Development

Product Development process

By Startup Gippsland | December 3, 2020

Turn ideas into products that audiences love   Product development is at the core of any successful business. It’s the process required to deliver a new product, or improve an existing product for your customers. A clear product development process enables you to learn from your customers in the early stages of development to ensure long term success for your products and your brand.   …

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How to validate your business idea - Lean Canvas Methodology Startup Gippsland resources

How to validate your business idea

By Aldona Kmieć | October 28, 2020

Lean startup and Lean Canvas   In today’s business landscape, it’s extremely important to validate your idea to ensure that it provides a viable solution to your customers problems. Validation can help to save you time, energy, and money in the long run. Imagine spending $5,000 developing a product for your new business, only to discover that it already exists within the marketplace, or that…

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Startup gippsland alumni emily scholes makes breakthrough with covid19

Startup Gippsland Alumni Creates COVID-19 Testing in Wastewater

By Natasha Wright | July 10, 2020

Emily Scholes, Founder and Chief Scientist of Enviro MicroBio and Startup Gippsland alumni, has found a way to test COVID19 in wastewater! With ample experience in water and wastewater testing and management, and a background in membrane science, Emily identified a need to provide COVID-19 testing services for large-scale businesses and industry bodies. After reading of the success in wastewater testing in the Netherlands, and…

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STARTUP vs SME Gippsland Business Incubator

Startups vs SME

By Natasha Wright | May 27, 2020

STARTUP vs SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) If we say the word ‘startup’, most people picture a small business that consists of 10 employees, with a vision that’s bigger than the office they work in. Well this isn’t far from the truth. However, these trailblazers bring something special to the world that sets them apart from other entrepreneurs.  Ensuring that the product/service is perfect for…

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application walkthrough

Watch our program application walkthrough

By Aldona Kmieć | May 20, 2020

Watch our Startup Gippsland program application walkthrough to see how quick & easy it is for you to apply to our regional startup incubator program. Apply Now. Applications for the Startup Gippsland Incubator Program are now open.  If you have an idea, or are in the early stages of your business with a goal to scale to both national and international markets, then apply now.…

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Startup Infographic How to describe your startup idea

How to describe your startup idea

By Aldona Kmieć | May 13, 2020

Startup Infographic  How to make your Startup Gippsland Application stand out from the crowd? Identify the core problem that your business idea is solving. Get outside of your comfort zone and build the business of your dreams! How to describe your startup idea? Check out our infographic. Applications for the 2020 Program close on June 5th. Apply Now!             Apply…

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Innovation in a Crisis: With Jamie Sciberras from The Biscuit Shop

Innovation in a Crisis story: Jamie Sciberras from The Biscuit Shop

By Aldona Kmieć | May 6, 2020

Innovation in a Crisis story: with Jamie Sciberras from The Biscuit Shop   Husband and wife duo Jamie and Sarina Sciberras, along with their son Joseph, started The Biscuit Shop just 3 years ago. Operating from their customised commercial kitchen in Boolarra, the business began when Jamie wanted to spend more time with his family after seven years of commuting to Melbourne for work.  Being…

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