Homegrown Heroes – Christine Lenghaus from Maths Heroes

Meet Christine Lenghaus, founder of Maths Heroes and 2021 Startup Gippsland program participant and “Gotcha Back” award winner. 

Maths Heroes is a platform that provides both teaching and learning resources for maths using a self-designed teaching system, and mathematical education support. 

Through working with the Startup Gippsland team and mentors, my vision for Maths Heroes is much bigger than it was initially, and I’m excited for the future of my business!” 


Keep reading to learn more about Christine and her business story. 


Christine Lenghaus Maths Heroes

Tell us a little about your startup, and what you do.

Teachers are the biggest influence on the success of their students. Maths is the easiest subject to teach poorly in schools, and students often feel unsuccessful if they are unable to grasp the concepts. I started teaching in the classroom in 2008, and for the past 5 years, have also taught teachers for the Department of Education. I decided to take what I did and turn it into a business so that I could support more teachers. Maths Heroes provides the mathematical education support, both online and in person, that teachers need to ensure their students are successful.


What inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship and bring your idea to life?

I adore teaching maths. In 2015 my mum passed away, having rarely been ill her whole life, and in the space of 3 days we had to decide to donate her organs and turn off her life support. I decided I was not going to die with my maths inside me. Having had two epic failures at business franchises, I knew that the only way I was going to succeed was with a business involving maths, because that would inspire me through the ups and downs. When I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with teachers, I literally come alive – this is what brings me joy!


What’s the best thing about being a founder in Gippsland?

The lifestyle of living in Gippsland is what makes me want to be a founder here. I went to local Primary and Secondary government schools before completing my degree in mathematics here at Monash in Churchill. I have lived in Melbourne, The Netherlands for nearly 6 years, and many other places, but Gippsland is my home. The access to mountains and beaches are so appealing as well as an easy train ride to the city if I want to catch a show.


What is your vision for the future of your startup? What do you hope to achieve?

Through working with the Startup Gippsland team and mentors, my vision for Maths Heroes is much bigger than it was initially. The opportunity to deliver training online and in person makes the business scalable, and will allow maths heroes to support teachers globally. The products that I sell are also available to be printed in any language. My end goal is to travel worldwide with my Maths Heroes message, supporting teachers in developing countries. The profits of Maths Heroes will go toward the seed funding for a Mathematics Museum in Melbourne.


What advice would you give to a Gippslander looking to build a startup?

If you’ve never run a business before, it takes time to see yourself as a business owner. Be kind to yourself – you’ll have doubts, successes and everything in between. Hold your vision of what you want your business to be and keep doing things that eventually will lead you to success!  

Maths Heroes website

Would you like to learn more about our Homegrown Hero, Christine, and her business, Maths Heroes? Take a look at the website here: https://mathsheroes.com.au/

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