CheckIt Health App

 CheckIt Health App

Photo: Jakub Fabijanski

CheckIt Health App

By Dr Lucy Nijam, Founder

“Automate your health checks. For life.”

StartupGippsland Showcase Winner Dr Lucy Nijam CheckIt Health App case study Photo: Jakub Fabijanski StartupGippslandShowcase Dr Lucy Nijam Photo: Jakub Fabijanski Photo: Jakub Fabijanski Photo: Jakub Fabijanski

After years of experience as a Nurse both within Australia and abroad & studying Public Health, Dr Lucy Nijam earned her Medical Degree at the University of Notre Dame. Her passion is in helping Australians reduce their risk of disease using innovation and digital technology. She is a Founder of CheckIt.


I was extremely fortunate to be selected among the 40 participants to the Startup Gippsland 12 week program.

My participation encompassed weekly 2 hour Masterclasses on the essential foundational aspects of idea creation & development starting a business and this was complimented by a 1 hour weekly Mentor session. My mentor was a successful business consultant working locally in Warragul.

The Masterclasses provided an ideal avenue to voice my business concept and gain helpful feedback on the challenges I was experiencing in the early stages of idea development. Other business owners shared their experience and offered helpful solutions to the problems I was facing and constructive feedback helped me progress into validation stage. It was an enthusiastic and very inclusive group and participants really took an interest in each other’s ideas to help us progress and move forward.

Without a doubt, I would not have made any progress on Checkit without doing the program. Before starting, Checkit was just an idea. Without business or start up experience, I felt overwhelmed with all the things to consider both in conceptualising the idea into something meaningful let alone the prospect of a business!

A pivotal step for me was learning how to undertake and to execute validation. This produced key insight into my target population and helped to answer the multiple assumptions I had around the idea. It was a crucial step to understand awareness and completion of health checks among adult Australians which is the essence of my idea.

My mentor was incredibly supportive and we remain in regular contact. She helped me to think outside the box and consider alternative solutions to challenges I was facing, while her business experiences helped me to understand options for commercialising the idea.

She was always available to listen to my concerns especially when I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure which direction to take. This was a really important part of the Startup Gippsland program.

Further the opportunity to pitch was a defining process for Checkit. Nervous with public speaking I was initially reluctant to partake but the SUG team helped me to realise the benefits of getting my idea out to people. I was privileged to receive the award for Most Innovative Idea at the Pitch Showcase.

Innovation is a core theme behind Checkit, which aims to leverage our knowledge and expertise in disease prevention with digital technology. Receiving the award was additional validation of the idea and it received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement to move forward.

Checkit is now in the process of prototype development and I am working with experts in technology, development and now have a GP advisor.

I can not recommend the SUG program more highly. The SUG team are supportive, motivating and have demonstrated a deep commitment to help you grow and develop your ideas and business. I am so grateful for this experience and the progress I have made.

Lucy Nijam Founder, Checkit


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“Startup Gippsland Program made me realise how much I love doing what I am doing. My biggest success has been developing my first few prototypes!”
“One of the biggest benefits is the friendships and relationships you make. The reality of starting a business is that you cannot do it alone and being able to make connections with other people is so important in reaching your start up goals.”

Most Innovative Idea prize winner

Dr Lucy Nijam, CheckIt Health App
Most Innovative Idea
$3000, sponsored by Regional Development Australia

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