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Brandon Burns

Cofounder, TorchT Productions


Brandon is a seasoned professional Actor, Performer, TV Host & startup investor. Brandon is a passionate advocate for having an entertain-first mindset, helping challenger brands and startups differentiate with amazing content and virality. He has worked extensively in sales, marketing, and digital technology. 

Brandon loves comedy and making his audience laugh. He has appeared on classic Australian shows such as Neighbours, Round the Twist, Blue Heelers, Rush and has featured in short films such as Dugong directed by Erin White and End of Town by award winning Australian Director Julius Avery. Brandon currently voices the characters of several children's cartoons, airing on Channel 9, 7, 10, ABC Kids and BBC kids in the UK. He believes that failures help to shape us and push us to learn quickly and propel into future opportunities.


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David Humphreys

Director, Avocado Creative


David Humphreys is an independent IT and digital solutions consultant. With a career spanning over 20 years, David has led and advised on initiatives within government, defence, telecommunications, agriculture, retail and healthcare.

He has a deep understanding of knowledge and data led technologies with a strong focus on end user centricity. His unique methodology fuses agile delivery and human centred design principles to engage users and ensure rapid take up of technology solutions.

David has been a founder himself, seeking to bring innovation to digital health and proptech. He was an inaugural participant of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Accelerator Program so has first hand experience of the startup journey.


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Goutham Bandaru

Founders’ Book


Goutham has a never-ending passion for technology and startups. With a Masters of Data and Business Analytics, he has spent his career creating products for the digital workforce and supporting up and coming entrepreneurs and startup founders. Goutham created the Founders’ Book, which is a toolkit to provide first-time founders and early-stage startups with the resources they need to create a successful enterprise. 

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Hugo Richard

Co-founder and CEO of Dystech


Hugo is a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in innovation and bright ideas that can change our society. Originally from France, he has worked internationally and built relationships around the world, including in Asia, Europe, US & UAE. Hugo is the co-founder and Co-CEO of multi-award winning Dystech, a startup which is currently building the fastest, most cost-effective and accessible assessment tool app for dyslexia and dysgraphia, using artificial intelligence. Growing up dyslexic and dysgraphic, he is passionate about creating an efficient tool that can be used for early detection of the learning disability. 

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Jack Clayfield

Industry Placements Australia


Jack Clayfield has spent the last 12 years supporting small business owners with B2B customer acquisition, and university graduates starting their career through professional internships. Drawing upon his own successes and failures as a job seeker and entrepreneur, Jack is passionate about ongoing personal development and working with individuals who are ready to make and implement change in their careers, lives and businesses.

A graduate of Human Resources from Holmesglen Institute, Jack helps his customers and clients focus on clarity, step by step planning, and a resourceful approach to lifelong learning, to build a life that they can be proud of.

Jack is the previous founder of an education startup and business mentor, specialising in strategic partnerships and early customer acquisition for the Australian startup community.

He currently resides in Bairnsdale, where he lives with his wife of 4 years.

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James Muir

Founder of Treiner & Startup Gippsland coach


James is an entrepreneurship specialist with a passion for startups and small business. He is the founder of Treiner, an online marketplace connecting soccer coaches with players across Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Since its launch in 2017, Trainer has grown to host over 3,000 coaches on its site. 

James has a degree in business at Deakin, and has gone through several accelerator programs himself. He is an outcome-focussed coach, and is excited to assist even more budding entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses across the region. 

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Jane McKay

Marketing Consultant, Jane McKay Communications


Jane McKay carries a Bachelor of Social Science, Advanced Diploma of Management, and a Masters of media and Communications. With 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, having worked in copywriting and as a marketing manager within corporate organisations, Jane launched her business in 2009. She provides a one-stop-shop for her clients, coupling website design, graphic design, copywriting, social media strategy, and marketing strategy. Jane is passionate about creating an authentic approach to marketing, to help her clients achieve greater levels of success within their businesses.

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Kerryn Vaughan

Director - Girls With Hammers & Get Off The Bench


Gippsland born and bred, Kerryn is an international speaker & author, trainer, mentor and podcast host. She is also the founder of not-for-profit One Planet Classrooms, co-founder of Girls With Hammers, and creator of Get Off The Bench. With a background in disability, autism, and behaviour, Kerryn is extremely passionate about inspiring people to find the courage to back themselves and take that first step. Her work in African countries has enabled multiple women’s empowerment groups, provided clean water solutions to schools and communities, and supported children to access education.

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Rob Celada

Director, Pathfinder Law


Rob Celada grew up in Drouin, and has practiced law in Gippsland for over a decade. Formerly Senior Associate at McKenzie Allen, Rob has a broad base of experience in handling legal matters large and small for people in the local community, with a strong focus on commercial law, property law, and litigation.

In founding Pathfinder Law, Rob wanted to create a place for the best and brightest legal talents in Gippsland to offer commercially focused and innovative legal services to the businesspeople, entrepreneurs, developers and startups who are driving growth in the region and shaping Gippsland’s future. Rob has a particular interest in operational process development and the application of technology to improve how law firms work, to deliver better and more cost-effective outcomes for clients.

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Stuart Kendall

Director and Operations Leader, Pursuit Advisers


With a Bachelor degree in Accounting, Stuart enjoys helping business owners achieve a high level of financial awareness and growth. He specialises in collaborating with clients to put together annual plans to map out their desired business and personal goals. Stuart believes that with the right systems in place within your business, it’s possible to both grow the bottom line and free up time to spend on what’s most important to you.

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