Jackie Van Velzen

South Gippsland Tutoring

South Gippsland Tutoring is a personalised tutoring service aimed at primary school-aged students. Jackie Van Velzen is the sole owner and operator, and is a fully qualified primary school teacher who is extremely passionate about learning. 

I love living in Gippsland for the fresh air, rolling hills, clean beaches and of course, the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

SGT started in February 2022 with the realisation that many families have struggled through the past two years of remote learning. Jackie watched as families felt confused, frustrated, and helpless on how to engage and/or teach their children. As an educator, she also accepted that she could not possibly teach the same amount of content remotely that she could in a classroom. Many children are behind academically, and many parents still feel extremely concerned about their ability to catch up. That drove Jackie to create SGT: to assist students and their families to reach their full potential and grow not only in ability, but also in their personal confidence.