Startup Gippsland launches a series of workshops to support entrepreneurs and founders across the Gippsland region



In order to further support Gippsland’s growing startup ecosystem, Startup Gippsland has collaborated with the Latrobe Valley Authority to deliver a series of six workshops between November 2021 and June 2022. 

Aptly named The Startup Masterclass Series, each workshop will focus on a specialised business topic, with the goal to support founders and startups within the region with the tools and insights they need to help their businesses improve efficiency and find continued success.

Startup Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley Authority identified a growing need for one-off workshops and informative sessions for local entrepreneurs, in conjunction with the formal programs which are run throughout each year. 


“Startup Gippsland loves being involved in encouraging and supporting confident and capable entrepreneurs and business owners. The startup masterclasses will be an energetic program that help Gippslanders strengthen their business skills and networks”, says Stephen Angus, Startup Gippsland Program Director. 


The workshops will be run in a number of Gippsland LGA’s, and will focus on key topics such as finance, business planning, hiring staff & developing company culture, writing proficiency, including media releases & process documentation, raising capital, and much more. Each session will be facilitated by local industry experts, and delivered at no-cost to the participant. 

The Startup Masterclass Series will conclude with an exciting networking event in June, following the delivery of each workshop. This will bring together leading industry experts from across Gippsland and beyond, and give local founders and startups the opportunity to expand their networks and further develop their business knowledge and skills. 


“The Latrobe Valley Authority is proud to support this important masterclass series.  This is a great opportunity and I encourage business owners to participate and help build business growth and drive our economy forward”, says Karen Cain, CEO of Latrobe Valley Authority.   


Kickstarting the series will be the “Finance Made Simple” workshop, held on November 17th in Warragul. Stuart Kendall of Pursuit Advisers is facilitating the session, and will be covering a number of topics including financial strategies, setting budgets & income goals, creating cash flow projections, and financial reporting. This workshop will leave participants feeling confident and capable in managing their finances, and making informed decisions to grow their business.  


Registration is now open for the “Finance Made Simple” workshop. You can learn more by visiting


The Startup Masterclass Series is delivered by Startup Gippsland, in partnership with the Latrobe Valley Authority. Each workshop is delivered at no-cost to the participants, made possible by funding from the Latrobe Valley Authority. 



Zoe Doyle, Startup Gippsland Marketing & Communications Specialist

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