Mentors Thank you

Startup Gippsland 2019 was a massive undertaking! The program attracted 113 applicants, all of exceptional quality before accepting 46 startups to take part. The businesses covered a kaleidoscope of inventions, innovations and brilliant ideas.

Using a powerful combination of technology and staff dedication the Startup Gippsland team have brought business acceleration to some of the most remote areas of Victoria. Each week team members traveled 500km to deliver the program face to face in locations around the 17,000 km2 catchment area.
And we wouldn’t be able to do this on our own. We’d like to, once again, generously thank all our program mentors for your time, passion and guidance to our 2019 startups. We truly appreciate your generosity, especially because we know how much time away from your family and friends it took. We hope you enjoyed the beautiful food last night and we look forward to seeing you again helping shape the next edition of Startup Gippsland! 

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