Startup Gippsland Pitch Showcase Highlights

Startup Gippsland Pitch Showcase Highlights video


“Great communities build great innovation. The world’s most famous startup hubs grew in unexpected locations, where groups of like minded people powerfully came together. As well as supporting each one of the individual participants and mentors taking part in Startup Gippsland, we are building a strong startup community for Gippsland and for regional Australia.” Dr Elena Kelareva, Founder and CEO, Gippstech.

Startup Gippsland is auspiced by four of Gippsland’s municipal councils, Bass Coast Shire, Baw Baw Shire, Latrobe City and Wellington Shire. Startup Gippsland is funded by LaunchVic, an independent agency established by the Victorian Government to develop the state’s startup ecosystem.

Startup Gippsland 2019 attracted 113 applicants, all of exceptional quality. The 46 businesses and business ideas cover a kaleidoscope of inventions, innovations and brilliant ideas. There are produce firms showcasing the natural goodness for which Gippsland is famous, physical, mental and holistic health services, education, technology, homeware, pet care and a host of unique service industry solutions.

Startup Gippsland has been delivered by Gippstech, a Warragul-based technology and innovation business using the Startup Onramp format which consists of weekly group expert workshops and one on one mentoring, with monthly meetups open to all participants and mentors. The Startup Onramp program gives the participants insight and hands on skills for topics from value proposition and idea validation to branding, PR and customer acquisition, product development, pitching and raising investment and legal basics.

“Having been involved in delivering regional startup programs in more than 20 regions across three Australian states I am delighted with the success of Startup Gippsland. Startup Gippsland is one of the largest and most ambitious regional startup initiatives in Australia today. Supporting almost 50 startups in four cohorts across four regional councils, it is based on an innovative model using simultaneous delivery by videoconference. The Startup Gippsland team have taken a positive stance on diversity and inclusion. This is a flagship program for Australian regional startup initiatives.” Colin Kinner, Founder, Startup Onramp

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