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Brooke Lewis

Sisu Society


Brooke is the founder of SiSu Society, a safe space online for #metoo women to connect, heal and grow by building digital toolkits with coping strategies for survivors, and strategies for loved ones to facilitate difficult conversations with those close to them affected by sexual violence. Sisu Society are taking themselves #offmute, to reduce social isolation for survivors.

We asked Brooke what her favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

My favourite thing about living in Gippsland is being surrounded by people who truly believe in the importance of community, resilience and compassion.”



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Christine Lenghaus

Maths Heroes


Christine is the founder of Maths Heroes, a platform that provides teaching and learning resources for maths. Christine believes in “making mathematics meaningful”, and has self-designed a teaching system using colours and shapes. 

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Iris Gaillard

Frenchism Language Learning


Iris is the founder of Frenchism Language Learning, an online solution to help people learn french easily. After working as a French teacher for over 10 years, Iris recognised that students needed a platform that was tailored to their level, needs, and interests. Frenchism Language Learning will be delivered through video format on an online platform, which will allow students to learn from the comfort of their own home, when it suits them.  

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Jan Clarke

Door 2


Jan is the founder of Door 2, which provides tailored education,  treatment, and support to people with eating disorders, their families, and treatment providers. Jan’s goal for Door 2 is to increase their capacity to help more people, through developing a web-based platform that will assist the delivery of group education, webinars, and podcasts. 

We asked Jan what her favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

“I love everything about living in Gippsland.  Hard to pick one but if I have to, it’s the sense of space, the smell, the sun and my herd of people, herefords and ponies!”

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Jane Barr

Anchor Forest Therapy


Jane is the founder of Anchor Forest Therapy, a virtual space for therapy walks in both indoor and outdoor settings. Forest therapy is an emerging public health practice, and the business is aimed particularly at those whose access to in-person walks may be limited due to health concerns, age, or disability. 

We asked Jane what her favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

“I love the diversity and beauty of the natural landscape. Our native flora, fauna, rivers and marine parks are precious and offer residents and visitors alike spaces and experiences that enhance physical and mental wellbeing.”

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Jon Knight




Jon is the founder of SynDAC, a local system which optimises renewable energy generators, saving businesses and homeowners money. SynDAC is a holistic approach to energy optimisation, as it’s controlled via one system - a virtual power plant grid. SynDAC will be an important solution as Australia moves toward a new energy future. 

We asked Jon what his favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

It's got to be the 'feel' of the place, the people, the culture, the land. The richness of wildlife and unbroken nature stirs the soul. It's a truly beautiful corner of the world.”

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Julie Lanham

Good Things Gippsland


Julie is the founder of Good Things Gippsland, which provides tours and experiences to customers looking to see more of what Gippsland has to offer. These experiences introduce people to the great things available in the region, through exploring farms, meeting producers, and visiting micro-businesses.

We asked Julie what her favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

My favourite thing about Gippsland is that it has so much to offer... It’s lush and full of such beautiful landscapes, produce and of course, people.”

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Kevin Lane

Revolver Precision Drum Tuner


Kevin is the founder of Revolver Precision Drum Tuner, a device that allows drummers to tune their drums quickly and efficiently. Being a drummer himself, Kevin recognised the growing frustration of having to tune his drums through each individual screw. The Revolver Precision Drum Tuner will turn all drum screws at once, providing speed and precision to the tuning process, no matter the brand of drums. 

We asked Kevin what his favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

“I love being close to my friends and family.” 


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Leanne Clothier

Sleep School


Leanne is the founder of Sleep School, an online directory of Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultants. By connecting parents with sleep consultants, they can get the support and resources they need to improve sleep in their household. 

We asked Leanne what her favourite thing about living in Gippsland is:

East Gippsland is full of beautiful natural places to spend time with my family. We enjoy living amongst nature and enjoy all outdoor activities from the water to the snow!”

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Madeleine McKenzie

Cabaret On Call


Madeleine is the founder of Cabaret on Call, a virtual cabaret performance tailored to the age care and corporate sectors. Madeleine has had a passion for singing for as long as she can remember, and she can deliver performances online from her Gippsland farmhouse to anywhere in the world. Her hope is to help her audiences find happiness and joy in music, while combating loneliness and isolation. 


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