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Stephen Noble

Hugh Charles Clothing


Both founders, Steve & Alice grew up on farms -- Steve in Briagolong, & Alice in the Tamworth area. Their work background is primarily in the agricultural sector, and Steve currently works for a local fertiliser company. They bought their own farm south of Briagolong in 2017, and found the need to diversify during the drought was the main motivation behind their business. Given that the business has already surpassed Steve and Alice’s original goals, they are now looking to grow and expand further, allowing Steve to become full time in the business. 

Hugh Charles Clothing is named after Alice’s late father William ‘Hugh’ Tanner and Steve’s father Barry ‘Charles’ Noble. The exclusively online company sells high quality, rural, Australian inspired clothes made from all natural fibres. Our biggest seller is our 100% wool flannel shirts. The main audience of Hugh Charles Clothing is those who love the outdoors -- camping, fishing, 4x4, hunting, bushwalking, firewood collecting, and more. The goals for the future of the business is for both founders to be fully employed by the company, and to bring manufacturing to Wellington Shire.

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Travis Molloy & Anthony Matters

Safety Campfires


Anthony's has worked over the past 20 years in Emergency Services and Trades & Small Businesses. He has worked extensively with other emergency services relating to Bushfires. Travis has over 20 year’s experience in Biotechnology and Leadership & Development work. He has also served in the Australian Army. He is an amateur 3D Printing and Electronics enthusiast, which was the basis for the Safety Campfire prototyping work. Their business idea was hatched while camping during a total fire ban. Travis and Anthony hope to use the Startup Gippsland program to expand their knowledge, experience, and networks. 

Not many people realise that up to 70% of all bushfires are caused by regular people, not from arson and lightning. Safety Campfires provide an alternative to lighting a campfire during at-risk periods, which could have a real impact on the number of bushfires we see each year. Our initial target audience was camping enthusiasts, however we have since found customers from a range of areas. These include an RSL (eternal flame for an ANZAC Day Dawn Service), backyard campers, entertainers (indoors and outdoors), schools (using a stage prop), and Naval Ceremonial applications. Safety Campfires will set up a manufacturing operation in Traralgon, with hopes to market the device worldwide. 

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Victoria Banning



Victoria has a Bachelor in Game Design from Murdoch University, coupled with years of experience in app and web development. Her product comes from years of interest and research in how the interactive medium of gaming can motivate, teach, and assess the player in ways traditional approaches cannot. Victoria is excited to join the Startup Gippsland program in order to network with other entrepreneurs, and gain experience in selling and marketing her product. 

Stimsims provides novel exercises and assessments for math skills through choose-your-own-adventure gaming. Players can measure the randomized game environment, build their own equations, carry out complex math operations on their equations, and generate their own answers. The game and player choices are measured with analytics and generate a rich report of player actions and errors, which can then be uploaded to Google Drive for a fee. Maths is the least popular subject in school, particularly once students reach middle school. The games are targeted specifically to this age group and above -- also assisting homeschoolers and University Students.

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Victoria Green

Little Duck


After completing a Science Degree with a Masters in Agribusiness through Melbourne University, Victoria has gone on to develop a sustainable Agri-based venture of her own on her family’s beef property. Her idea for her new business, Little Duck, came about when she found a passion for using natural skin care products to reduce the amount of chemicals she was using, and their subsequent impact on the land. Victoria’s favourite place on her farm to sit, unwind, and think, is overlooking a dam which houses many ducks and ducklings. Hence the name, Little Duck.

Little Duck serves to produce a unique range of skincare and bodycare products for young women who are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic materials they place on their skin. Little Duck uses locally sourced ingredients from all over Gippsland, including beeswax from a local hive. Our business focuses on lip balms, however we will be extending our range to include body wash, face cream, deodorant, and soap. We hope to bring a sense of comfort and connection to all that Gippsland has on offer, when customers use our products; something big name brands are unable to achieve.

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