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Jenny Rogers

Postcode Hives


Jenny has a diverse background, mostly in retail and management. One of her hobbies was to grow unusual, heritage fruit and vegetables, which soon led into beekeeping. Jenny found a niche in the market after her friends wanted to source raw honey from their postcodes. Her 10 years in retail helped her to market and create new honey products, and she hasn’t looked back. Jenny hopes to use the Startup Gippsland program to help her expand her business and sell her products in gourmet retail stores, with the possibility of selling overseas in the future. 

Postcode Hives specialises in small batch raw honey, creamed honey, honeycomb, and pollen. We also make wax bags and wraps, and use our honey in our Hive Chai and Honey Pops. We are passionate about education, and teach schools, kindergartens, and other facilities about bees and beekeeping. The goals for the future of our business are to expand our business to employ staff and open a store or warehouse, create new hive locations, grow and produce manuka honey, and reach national and overseas markets with our products. 

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Jessica Nehme

Start With Hello


Jessica is a confessed self starter. Since age 13 she has had a passion for business and creating job opportunities for herself. After moving to East Gippsland 2 years ago, Jessica is now studying a Bachelor of Business online. Through her involvement in the Startup Gippsland program, she hopes to create a self-sustaining profitable business which can be run from her living room., while also allowing her to donate a percentage of profits to causes which are close to her heart. Her idea for Start with Hello was inspired by her move to East Gippsland, as she experienced isolation and realised the need for maintaining social connections.

Start with Hello is a T-shirt company that aims to start the conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding social isolation and loneliness. T-shirts will be printed with greetings such as 'Hello hello' and profits raised will be fed into organisations or initiatives that provide opportunities for the lonely people in our society to interact with others. A future goal of the business is to run a National Hello Day in schools & businesses to normalise the problem of loneliness so that people experiencing it can be exposed to many more opportunities to help reduce their isolation.

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Julian Cassin & Francis Weston



Julian Cassin & Francis Weston met at Toll Holdings. After working together for almost 10 years, they decided to start their own business, Mitsukibo Pty Ltd.  Initially, their business was created to bring better software to the logistics industry, as well as providing eCommerce solutions. Julian and Francis had their first office in Richmond, where they met Nick Reynish of Rencon who occupied a neighbouring office. They completed some joint programs, and have now gone on to combine their expertise with their newest joint venture, WebForestryIntell. They were inspired to join the Startup Gippsland program to learn more about marketing and how they can expand their business. 

WebForestryIntell was recently established by Mitsukibo founders, Julian Cassin & Francis Weston, along with Rencon founder, Nick Reynish, to bring IT to the Forestry Industry in addition to other technology lagged industries. We have created a product, QuickIMS, which allows for customers to create custom data forms and capture data, even at locations without a data connection. WebForestryIntell place a high value on their customer service, and put data security and privacy at the forefront of the operations. Our product is unique in several technical aspects, and the intention is to make it affordable to even the smallest businesses, while also being scalable to the needs of  larger corporations.

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Julie Blackley

A Teacher of Being



Julie has a varied background, from professional musician, to chef, to natural therapist. She then put her professional qualifications to the side and followed an inner calling that radically altered her life.  After 20 years of travelling and studying under the Masters of Stillness/Enlightenment from various traditions, she found her calling. She now teaches Non Dualism, a practice which sees her clients living in awareness and allowing a freedom to respond with love. 

Through a system of inquiry, A Teacher of Being points clients toward a transformation of consciousness that brings them back to the Awareness that is the very foundation of all experience.  This deepening of awareness changes their perception and relationship with everyday life, returning them to a core of inner peace and a renewed sense of Being. We work with a range of clients, from young men to middle aged women, although everyone can equally benefit from this work. The goals for the future of the business is to become a global brand, running retreats and workshops to help people embrace their potential.

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Katie Dawson

Cottage Garden Threads


Pam and Katie are a mother/daughter duo with a love of natural fibre textiles. Pam has a diverse background in textiles, from dressmaking to dyeing fabric, and started Cottage Garden Threads from her kitchen sink 10 years ago. Having studied Fashion Design and Production, and with a Certificate in Textile Design through an apprenticeship facilitated by RMIT, Katie joined Pam shortly after. The idea for Cottage Garden Threads came about when they identified a gap in the market for Australian wholesale manufacturers of hand dyed embroidery thread. They wish to cultivate an accessible, inclusive, and inspiring culture that emulates the ancient mindful practice of embroidery.

Cottage Garden Threads produces variegated embroidery threads dyed by hand, bringing together kindred stitchers around the globe through soulful products, projects and community. Our target audience is traditionally women aged 35-90+, but with Covid-19 has come a paradigm shift, not only for purchasing Australian made products, but as younger generations slow down and pick up a hobby, to find in embroidery what generations before them have found. It's not only the younger generation who are picking up a needle and thread, beginners of all ages are ready to discover our world and we are ready to embrace them into our family.

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Kellie Willis

WillGrow Global


Kellie has a Bachelor of Communications, more than 15 years’ experience as a journalist and 10 years’ experience in PR, marketing and tourism. Amid the blame-game that occurred across media and social media platforms during last year's student climate action demonstrations and the 2019-2020 bushfire crisis, Kellie realised the good stories were being ignored. She decided the world needed a safe place where people could go to learn, ask questions, and see what other people were doing to contribute to positive climate action; a place where achievements could be celebrated, and the health of our planet could be the priority issue. 

WillGrow Global writes and collates good news stories around climate action. The goal is not to debate whether climate change is real, but to promote the ethos of “let’s just work towards a better planet regardless”. WillGrow Global will build a digital community on the basis that every little thing we can do as individuals helps, and will also celebrate the wins of governments (Australian and international), corporations, and businesses taking positive steps to climate action. The main clients will be businesses, companies, and government organisations wanting to promote the innovations they have implemented for sustainability and environmental impact.

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Kieran Black

Vida Health + Wellness


Kieran has a background in website development and firefighting. He has decided to use entrepreneurship to allow him to pursue his interest for health and wellness, and is joined by his wife, Valerie. Valerie is a remedial massage therapist who currently runs a successful operation. Keiran is using his passion for Australian native medicinal plants to provide organic and natural skin care products to their clients. By joining forces, Keiran hopes to combine their skills and develop a massage and spa treatment clinic on Phillips Island. They are building the business as a franchise model and are looking forward to learning more from the Startup Gippsland program. 

Vida Health + Wellness combines a traditional bricks and mortar massage and spa treatment practice with quality, natural skincare and beauty products. We offer products made from Australian native medicinal plants such as Carpobrotus glaucescens', which has similar properties to aloe vera, to use both on clients, and sell in store and to other boutiques. As the business grows, we hope to incorporate  more Australian indigenous botanical ingredients, allowing customers to gain an appreciation for the under-utilised botanical treasures of Australia.

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Kira Thomas

Kira Marie


As a young child, Kira’s Aunty would take her to “the big smoke” to shop for her cousins. In her teen years, this passion would lead her to sketching designs and clothing -- even her own formal dress. After a traumatic event in her early 20’s, Kira had the opportunity to reassess what she wanted to do in life, and she found Image Consulting and Fashion Styling. She completed her Certificate 3 in Image Consulting and was Internationally accredited. Kira has now started her own styling business, and is setting out to develop stylish and beautiful plus size clothing for women.

Kira Marie aims to provide clothing and styling advice to mums. What is currently offered to plus size women can be outdated, shapeless, and add years to your look. It can be difficult being a mum, let alone struggling to find stores that carry stylish clothes to make you feel and look amazing. Kira Marie will show mums what to wear, how to wear it, where to shop, and help them feel confident in their clothing while still understanding the unique needs and budget of the beautiful mum. They will be left feeling accepted, current, sexy, and on trend (even if they were up all night with the kids)!

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Kirsten Mackintosh

Sat Nam Weightloss


Kirsten is a registered nutritionist who has worked in the Victorian Government Life! Program for the past 10 years. She has a Bachelor in Education Home Economics, Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition, and Yoga Certifications. Kirsten has a passion for health and wellness, having also owned and managed a weight loss franchise for 7 years, helping more than 2000 women. Her business idea has come about from seeing and experiencing the pain of women trying to lose weight in an obesogenic society for which they are ill-equipped. Kirsten has learnt first hand that a diet plan is not enough, and people need simple and powerful tools to deliver results which help them to stay on track. 

Sat Nam Weightloss provides a weight loss program for women aged 45 - 65 who are ill-equipped to lose weight in an obesogenic society. These women have tried many weight-loss solutions without sustainable success, and are now ready to try a different approach that is effective, and can be achieved in the comfort of their own home without any special equipment required. These women are time poor and sick of the diet cycle, so are looking for a quick and sustainable result. Currently, 67% of women in Australia are overweight or obese. Our goal is to help as many women as possible in Australia, before launching to International markets. 


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Laura Hunt



Laura is currently studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University. Through her involvement in external internships, including an organic agriculture internship in Hawaii, Laura found a passion for improving on farm practice to reduce food waste, particularly in developing regions. Through the Startup Gippsland Incubator Program, she hopes to workshop her idea with other like minded people to develop and create a sustainable business model.

In Australia alone, farmers can experience significant waste before their product leaves the farm gate -- through pests, disease, and poor yields. AgInAction aims to provide farming internships to developing communities and producers who seek the opportunity to better their management practices to improve on-farm production and lower food waste. AgInAction will also work alongside these communities to improve the standard of living and sustainability in their clients farming practices. By providing practical and accessible internships internationally, AgInAction will have the opportunity to assist diverse farming communities. 

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