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Carolyn Richards

Grandpa Baileys Homemade Products


Carolyn holds a Diploma in Management and has over 25 years of experience within the beauty industry. Currently working in the disability sector, she has been inspired to follow her dreams and develop the vision she shared with her father. The idea for the business came about from a collective love of cooking with home grown produce, and trying to market and brand her father’s delicious worcestershire sauce. After the sad passing of her father, Carolyn decided to make their vision a reality, and launch the business in his honour. 

Grandpa Baileys Homemade Products is a humble array of rustic sauces and condiments locally produced in Bairnsdale. Using traditional family recipes, we promote products made from locally sourced produce which are both gluten free and without added preservatives. The product range was developed to enable families to enjoy flavoursome, nutritious products which meet the rising dietary requirements amongst our wider community. These products can be found at a number of local retailers, cafes and online. As the brand grows, the goal is to continue to uphold an environmentally sustainable business which delivers quality products into boutique outlets and direct to the consumer world wide.

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Carolyn Woollard

Code Word Brain


Carolyn is a primary teacher, who has worked in both schools, homes, and within the TV industry to help young Australian actors manage their schoolwork. With a passion for brain science, Carolyn wants to help people understand new ways of learning, so they can grow and evolve just as their brain can. Carolyn wants to share her passion and help students in Australia to prepare their brains for success. Using her personal and professional experience as both a teacher and learner, she will help students recall, pay attention, and learn new things. Carolyn is excited to meet like minded people, and gain new knowledge and inspirational guidance within the Startup Gippsland program. 

Code Word Brain helps struggling, surviving or thriving students rapidly improve their reading and learning skills.Using a blended learning approach of both online and on-paper, Code Word Brain assists parents in creating home-learning environments that zero in and develop the skills needed for students to thrive in the classroom and throughout life. The target audience of Code Word Brain is both parents of school aged children, and the children themselves. We see ourselves as a first step in improving their child’s learning opportunities outside of what they’re already getting at school.

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Celine Marli

The Mama Shift


Celine identifies as a Mama, social worker, life coach, espresso lover, and world traveller. After gaining her degree in Germany, she packed her bags, sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Australia in 2009. Host and creator of the The Mama Shift Podcast, Celine's purpose is empowering mothers to embrace the change that parenthood brings and talk about it with honesty and integrity. Because as beautiful it is, having kids is hard. And it's Ok not to be Ok sometimes. In addition to this, she has made it her mission to support and help mamas getting back into business. Celine identifies as mama, career counsellor, life coach, espresso love and world traveller. After gaining her bachelor in social work in Germany, Celine's passion is helping mums get back into the workforce and find balance in motherhood.

Finding balance in motherhood can be a huge challenge. So is getting back into the workforce after entering motherhood. Studies have shown that mothers are less likely to be employed after taking time to raise children. Motherhood is a transformation which is often connected to some identity changes. This can mean that the profession you're qualified in might not be the one that you want to continue to pursue, or it just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle anymore. This is where the The Mama Shift platform comes in. It's designed to be your number one go-to in any career resource for mothers. Whether that might be supporting mamas with their resume or interview skills, career counselling, or helping them launch their own business.

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Chris Martin

MoveUp Parkour


Chris has been coaching parkour for the past 6 years with Melbourne Parkour, and has taught around Victoria. Currently, he’s studying Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness. Since 2017, Chris has been sharing his experience and building a local community in Gippsland called MoveUp Parkour. Chris’s mission is to tackle youth obesity, mental health issues, and drug abuse, while providing an inclusive environment for both disabled and disadvantaged youth. He is also looking to improve workplace stress, men’s mental health, and women’s confidence. 

Moveup parkour offers alternative movement and exercise which help promote skill based learning while getting fit and having fun. We work with kids, teenagers and adults of all kinds to promote longevity, safe play, and having fun with the world around you.

Our business offers a new approach to Parkour, emphasising mind and body relationships. We also deliver a service to allow for wider engagement with the local community, through youth, adults, and senior programs. MoveUp Parkour offers group classes for the public, and schools and organisations, one on one sessions, and online programs and tutorials for those wanting to learn at home. 

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Chris Plumridge

Jet Streamer


Chris is an Audio Producer and Engineer living in Leongatha. After graduating with a degree in Media and Communications from Swinburne University, he enrolled in Swinburne's postgraduate Commercial Radio course. What resulted after a year of pushing buttons, sliding faders, and playing with microphones was a love of all things audio. Chris has watched the audio industry grow over the past few years, through digital radio, then iTunes, then to Spotify, and the "podcast boom". But while the bedroom producers of yesteryear have now moved out into fancy studios, Chris still gets frustrated at the high barrier to entry and "old-school" thinking of current audio production companies. 

Jet Streamer provides audio production and consultancy services to organisations and hobbyists across Australia. By using experience gathered in audio engineering, film production, PR, and commercial radio we can assist smaller podcasters and audio producers to access audio production services, to compete on a level playing field with larger producers and get their voices heard in a crowded market. Our online-only platform aims to remove many of the overheads associated with traditional, large podcasting and audio production studios, leaving costs at an accessible level for smaller operators.

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Colin Blackley

BlackleySmith Distilleries


For Colin, his business idea has remained inside a thought bubble for the past 10 years. Having always wanted to start a distillery, Colin immersed himself in research. After taking leave from his community service career in 2017, Colin went to Adelaide to take part in the “Fundamentals of Spirit Production” course. After completing the course, he came back to Gippsland to launch the business and apply for a licence to produce spirits. Colin is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and grow a successful business. 

BlackleySmith Distilleries believes in providing the highest quality product while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. BlackleySmith Distilleries uses local and Australian made products to create first class spirits, starting with vodka using Thorpdale potatoes, and gin from East Gippsland grains. The Australian market has shifted over the last decade to demand the best that's available, and now more than ever we are all looking at buying local. The goals for the future of the business is to outgrow our purpose built facility on our three acre farmlet and establish a facility in our local town where we will be setting our sights on the export market. 

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Danielle Hollingsworth

Bush Box


Danielle’s career has seen her excel in purchasing and logistics. In later years, she owned a number of hospitality businesses both in Melbourne and East Gippsland. Danielle’s inspiration for her business came about while watching an interview with a new Instagram influencer about supporting people to “buy from the bush”. The blogger was actively showcasing regional businesses and their products. It was here that Bush Box was born - using amazing products from within the Gippsland region to create unique gift boxes. Danielle hopes to develop a greater knowledge of marketing and online sales through the Startup Gippsland program.

Bush Box is an online gift business. We sell boxed gifts which are made in regional areas of Australia, showcasing great produce and beautiful handmade products. The Bush Box website contains both gift boxes, and individual Australian native souvenirs which can be purchased and shipped via Australia Post. We are a gift service for all ages, with a focus on both corporate and consumer markets. Bush Box will initially be launched in Australia, with a goal of heading to International markets in the future. 

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Glenn Dawson

The Only Straw


Glenn owned two boutique hotels in Senggigi, Lombok and the Gili’s, Indonesia, for 12 years. Finding plastic straws constantly washing up on the beach fronts of the hotels, Glenn decided to source an alternative solution. Unfortunately, it was difficult and expensive to source alternative materials for straws in Indonesia. Since selling the hotels 2 years ago, and moving to The Gurdies, Glenn has continued to follow his passion for sourcing environmentally friendly straws. Glenn is excited to use his experience in the Startup Gippsland program to get his business off the ground and into mainstream hospitality businesses. 

The Only Straw works to solve the problems of single-use plastic straws. The Only Straws are made of wheat, durum flour, and water, and are dried as a pasta. The concept of pasta straws is popular in the UK, the US, and Italy. The straws can survive in cold liquids for over an hour, and they will not harm the environment, sealife, or wild animals; breaking down to nothing in a matter of days. Through education and awareness of the future without single use products, The Only Straw hopes to provide its products to major food chains, hospitality businesses, and the end user. 

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Hannah Green

ABC Pet Services


After a diverse and broad career in The South Australian Housing Trust, IT, computer systems analysis & programming, and public advocacy in the mental health sector, Hannah decided to create a business of her own. With a passion for helping others, Hannah has created a business which cares for both the elderly and their pets. Her hopes in joining the Startup Gippsland program are to meet like minded people, and assist her in growing her business so her products and services are more accessible to others. 

ABC Pet Services couples as an online eCommerce store selling pet supplements and accessories, and a pet caring service for those who are older or with disabilities and need assistance in looking after their pets. Our pet caring service will include pet sitting, walking, and cleaning of yards and enclosures. Our products and accessories available for purchase include long handled poop scoopers, no pull harnesses, ramps and steps, and high quality pet supplements. The goal for the future of the business is to acquire a property where clients can bring their pets for minding and care. 

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Jean & Ken Brown



Jean and Ken are retirees in Warragul, with a passion for travelling Australia in their caravan. Jean has a background in hospitality, and Ken has worked in surveying and road building and maintenance. The idea for their business came about when they would frequently find themselves unable to stop in various towns during their travels, due to the lack of long enough parking spaces. They seek to provide travellers with information on parking spaces in different towns, so that they can stop, have lunch, or wander the shops. Jean and Ken are excited to join the Startup Gippsland program and launch their new business.

CaravanTownParking is an online platform assisting travellers in caravans and motorhomes to find a convenient park within town centres. The target audience for this platform is families and grey nomads travelling Australia. The business will operate as an annual subscription based website where users can search for carparks in the towns they are approaching. The hope for the future is to expand the website to provide information on long bay parking for trucks and other large vehicles, as well as source advertising from Shires and Businesses within each town and district to enhance tourism and the economy.

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