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Aidan Hill



As an Advanced Care Paramedic, Aidan has witnessed an increasing number of acute and chronic patients who experience decline in their condition, specifically for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Chronic Congestive Heart Failure. With his growing interest in the IoT and digitisation of health, Aidan teamed up with George Fitzgerald to find a solution to deliver effective monitoring and diagnosis of deterioration in physiological signs with a remote patient monitor. Aidan is excited to join the Startup Gippsland program to develop and launch his business, LifeNet. 

LifeNet provides an innovative, digital healthcare solution for community nursing agencies to effectively manage patient vital sign records and documentation with a digital mobile application and desktop web application. This process is usually completed on ‘Charts’ with paper copies, however with multiple patients, conditions and transient workforces, this creates complexity and difficulties of its own. LifeNet removes the need for paper charts to allow for easier patient data entry among nursing staff.  We are focused on targeting community care nursing agencies with LifeNet, as these organisations will benefit greatly from this service.

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Amy Morrison

Sweet Rebel Bakes


After travelling & working in some of Australia’s most prominent holiday resorts, Amy decided to return home and gain a qualification in Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Melbourne. Amy was inspired to apply for the program to help build a business with two main components. The first is a sweet gift box service, providing custom cookies and mixed sweet treats. The second is a baking box, where a component of the sweets box, whether that be cookies, cupcakes, or tarts, are given with clear instructions and ingredients pre portioned for people to create their own -- think the dessert version of Hello Fresh.

Sweet Rebel Bakes designs and ships gift boxes and baking boxes which are perfect for the time poor. Sweet Gift Boxes are set and forget. Simply choose a colour theme and a message, then let us create and deliver a beautiful box to your loved ones. The Baking Boxes eliminate the boring parts of baking -- recipe hunting, shopping, and weighing out ingredients. The customer is left with the fun of baking, the memories! The goals for the future of Sweet Rebel Bakes is to create a YouTube channel with video instructions for the baking boxes, giving the viewer extra tips and hints, while also engaging with our community. 

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Andrea Norton



Andrea is a 5th generation Gippslander with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a background in health care. She is now embarking on a career change, using her background, experience, and passions to develop her own business, 2Xperience.  Andrea’s idea came from seeing businesses who needed support, and other businesses who could meet that need through corporate days or volunteering activities. She is excited to be bringing her idea of almost 20 years to fruition with the support and knowledge from the Startup Gippsland program.  

2Xperience aims to increase corporate and leisure visitation to regional areas, and promote collaborative business partnerships. We want to see local people become tourists in their own region, and provide an experience to either corporate or private groups. 2Xperience is geared toward groups or businesses who enjoy a sense of fun, particularly through nature based activities. The activities aim to improve mental health and workplace engagement, while also improving business sustainability and economic growth.

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Andrew Smith

Gippsland Better Life Produce


For the past 20 years, Andrew has farmed beef cattle on his property in Tonimbuk. He started his career working as a chef before launching his own business, Cheffields Gippsland Providore, which serviced the hospitality industry with quality farm produce. It is through this business that Andrew has been able to identify the missing link between farmers and chefs, which has driven his passion for a new project, Gippsland Better Life Produce. Andrew is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and bring his new business to life. 

Gippsland Better Life Produce is designed to pay tribute to the work of farmers, and the care they take in raising their produce. It will celebrate the life journey of livestock from farmers who use regenerative farming practices and high quality animal welfare programs. This will appeal to those who wish to know more about their food chain and respect the life of the produce they consume, knowing the highest possible welfare practices are used for the entire life of the animal. 

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Beau Vernon

Motivational speaker


Living in San Remo, Beau has a passion for family, support, exercise, mental health, and assisting the disability community. At the age of 23, an on-field Australian Rules football accident left him with Quadriplegia. The accident opened Beau’s eyes open to understanding people from all walks of life, and wanting to help others. He has a Bachelor of Business Economics and Finance, and currently coaches the Phillip Island Football and Netball Club’s senior team. Beau is a motivational speaker, and works for a disability company, Interact Australia. He looks forward to pursuing his new business idea in the Startup Gippsland program. 

1 in 5 Australians live with a disability, and less than half of Australians of working age with a disability are employed. This business serves to support people living with a disability, to develop their confidence, self belief, self worth, and potential. This online coaching program will help these people to discover their passions, set goals, and work toward achieving things such as employment. The program will be delivered to the disability community nationwide, supporting individuals and their families. It will also assist in breaking down societal barriers around the negative biases that exist toward people with a disability. 

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Brenton Crowley

Proven Online Courses


For Brenton, the culmination of previous degrees in multimedia design and teaching, coupled with careers as a mobile and web app developer, as well as a teacher, set the scene for his business idea. Brenton has a passion for writing, and combined with a thirst to be better than the person he was the previous day, led to an interest in further learning and storytelling. It was here that his business, Proven Online Courses was born. Brenton is excited to bring his curiosity and positive entrepreneurial spirit to the Startup Gippsland program, while he connects with other like-minded and passionate business owners. 

Proven Online Courses is a marketplace for lifelong learners so that they can take a course with confidence about achieving the end result. Just about anyone can make an online course these days, but how can you hit that purchase button with confidence knowing that the course will offer the transformation it proposes? You're relying on reviews, sales videos, or that money-back guarantee. But what about when a friend recommends a course to you? You're a little more likely, aren't you? Proven Online Courses is like that friend. We'll have somebody independently review the course and reveal its benefits and their transformation first hand, helping you to find the perfect course. 

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Brian Dabinett

Wild Dog Solutions


Brian has worked in IT in a variety of roles since finishing school. Over the last 10 years, he has focused on providing innovative digital solutions to the social housing and support service provider markets. Brain is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and learn more about effective marketing to help him grow his business, Wild Dog Solutions, in Australia. 

Wild Dog Solutions sell software that is used by community housing providers to engage with their tenants, staff, and contractors over a range of digital channels. We use digital technology such as SMS, web portals, and mobile apps to improve communication and access to information. Wild Dog Solutions have created their own software platform called Intelligent Framework. This runs workflows to clients housing management systems, creating a digital conversation with a tenant or client through SMS, email, or home automation products such as Alexa or Google Home. 

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Bronwyn Manley

Bon in the Garden


Bronwyn Manley holds a Bachelor of Business Management in Hospitality. Combined with her passion to grow a natural garden, and with years’ of experience in the hospitality industry, Bon in the Garden was born. Her keen interest in edible flowers and micro herbs enhanced from her desire to grow food for her family, and from her work at the Tinamba Hotel. Bronwyn hopes to expand her products and sales on a larger scale through participating in the Startup Gippsland Incubator program. 

Bon in the Garden provides edible dried sprinkles to small and medium sized businesses across Gippsland. The sprinkles serve to be a natural alternative to normal sprinkles, and can be used by cafes, restaurants, caterers, cake decorators, artisan jewellery makers, and in homes by families. Bon in the Garden seeks to provide a high end product which benefits the environment by using less packaging, and fewer food miles, while maintaining the garden ethos and standards at the heart of the business. 

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Carmel Riley

Carmel Riley Consulting


Carmel is an authentic leader with 16 years’ experience across government, not for profit, and commercial enterprise. She holds an Executive MBA, Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy, and Bachelor of Speech Pathology (hons). Carmel commenced her own small business consultancy in 2018. Carmel is passionate about helping individuals who have faced systemic barriers to employment. She adds value by empowering skilled individuals and connecting them with opportunities to benefit themselves and the economy. Carmel was inspired to join the Startup Gippsland program as a method to grow, learn, and develop a scalable business model.

Carmel Riley Consulting has recently been certified by Social Traders as a Social Enterprise. Carmel Riley Consulting is a for-purpose consulting firm that provides leadership to support socially minded businesses and government deliver mission-oriented, viable solutions. Services Include:
Evaluation and Strategy; Strategic Human Resource Management; Complex Procurement and Contract Management; Governance Advisory; Business Development and Training and Development. These services create a commercial environment to recruit, train and mobilise underemployed professionals facing systemic barriers to employment. We have a team of 5 very experienced people from diverse backgrounds. Our services can be delivered in Victoria and nationwide and all services are available online where face-to-face is not practicable.

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Caroline Hammond

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping


Since leaving her family’s sugar cane farm in Queensland as a teenager, Caroline yearned to get back to her lifelong connection with nature and animals, and adopt a self-sufficient lifestyle.. After setting up the perfect chook run, she decided to follow her passion and keep bees. Caroline’s idea was to become a classic beekeeper, using every element of the hive to avoid waste. She found a community within the Victorian beekeeping industry and decided to launch her own business with the support of those around her.

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping was created to celebrate the connections we have with each other and our environment through the meeting and mentoring of like-minded people. We mentor beekeepers, teaching them valuable techniques, and helping them to find their wings within this hobby. In addition to this, Come Fly With Me has 30 honey production hives around the West Gippsland region. These bees are nurtured to produce incredible, raw local honey. We also sell beekeeping equipment and products, and provide extraction and set up services for our clients. 

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Carolyn Richards

Grandpa Baileys Homemade Products


Carolyn holds a Diploma in Management and has over 25 years of experience within the beauty industry. Currently working in the disability sector, she has been inspired to follow her dreams and develop the vision she shared with her father. The idea for the business came about from a collective love of cooking with home grown produce, and trying to market and brand her father’s delicious worcestershire sauce. After the sad passing of her father, Carolyn decided to make their vision a reality, and launch the business in his honour. 

Grandpa Baileys Homemade Products is a humble array of rustic sauces and condiments locally produced in Bairnsdale. Using traditional family recipes, we promote products made from locally sourced produce which are both gluten free and without added preservatives. The product range was developed to enable families to enjoy flavoursome, nutritious products which meet the rising dietary requirements amongst our wider community. These products can be found at a number of local retailers, cafes and online. As the brand grows, the goal is to continue to uphold an environmentally sustainable business which delivers quality products into boutique outlets and direct to the consumer world wide.

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Carolyn Woollard

Code Word Brain


Carolyn is a primary teacher, who has worked in both schools, homes, and within the TV industry to help young Australian actors manage their schoolwork. With a passion for brain science, Carolyn wants to help people understand new ways of learning, so they can grow and evolve just as their brain can. Carolyn wants to share her passion and help students in Australia to prepare their brains for success. Using her personal and professional experience as both a teacher and learner, she will help students recall, pay attention, and learn new things. Carolyn is excited to meet like minded people, and gain new knowledge and inspirational guidance within the Startup Gippsland program. 

Code Word Brain helps struggling, surviving or thriving students rapidly improve their reading and learning skills.Using a blended learning approach of both online and on-paper, Code Word Brain assists parents in creating home-learning environments that zero in and develop the skills needed for students to thrive in the classroom and throughout life. The target audience of Code Word Brain is both parents of school aged children, and the children themselves. We see ourselves as a first step in improving their child’s learning opportunities outside of what they’re already getting at school.

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Celine Marli

The Mama Shift


Celine identifies as a Mama, social worker, life coach, espresso lover, and world traveller. After gaining her degree in Germany, she packed her bags, sold everything and bought a one-way ticket to Australia in 2009. Host and creator of the The Mama Shift Podcast, Celine's purpose is empowering mothers to embrace the change that parenthood brings and talk about it with honesty and integrity. Because as beautiful it is, having kids is hard. And it's Ok not to be Ok sometimes. In addition to this, she has made it her mission to support and help mamas getting back into business. Celine identifies as mama, career counsellor, life coach, espresso love and world traveller. After gaining her bachelor in social work in Germany, Celine's passion is helping mums get back into the workforce and find balance in motherhood.

Finding balance in motherhood can be a huge challenge. So is getting back into the workforce after entering motherhood. Studies have shown that mothers are less likely to be employed after taking time to raise children. Motherhood is a transformation which is often connected to some identity changes. This can mean that the profession you're qualified in might not be the one that you want to continue to pursue, or it just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle anymore. This is where the The Mama Shift platform comes in. It's designed to be your number one go-to in any career resource for mothers. Whether that might be supporting mamas with their resume or interview skills, career counselling, or helping them launch their own business.

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Chris Martin

MoveUp Parkour


Chris has been coaching parkour for the past 6 years with Melbourne Parkour, and has taught around Victoria. Currently, he’s studying Personal Training with the Australian Institute of Fitness. Since 2017, Chris has been sharing his experience and building a local community in Gippsland called MoveUp Parkour. Chris’s mission is to tackle youth obesity, mental health issues, and drug abuse, while providing an inclusive environment for both disabled and disadvantaged youth. He is also looking to improve workplace stress, men’s mental health, and women’s confidence. 

Moveup parkour offers alternative movement and exercise which help promote skill based learning while getting fit and having fun. We work with kids, teenagers and adults of all kinds to promote longevity, safe play, and having fun with the world around you.

Our business offers a new approach to Parkour, emphasising mind and body relationships. We also deliver a service to allow for wider engagement with the local community, through youth, adults, and senior programs. MoveUp Parkour offers group classes for the public, and schools and organisations, one on one sessions, and online programs and tutorials for those wanting to learn at home. 

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Chris Plumridge

Jet Streamer


Chris is an Audio Producer and Engineer living in Leongatha. After graduating with a degree in Media and Communications from Swinburne University, he enrolled in Swinburne's postgraduate Commercial Radio course. What resulted after a year of pushing buttons, sliding faders, and playing with microphones was a love of all things audio. Chris has watched the audio industry grow over the past few years, through digital radio, then iTunes, then to Spotify, and the "podcast boom". But while the bedroom producers of yesteryear have now moved out into fancy studios, Chris still gets frustrated at the high barrier to entry and "old-school" thinking of current audio production companies. 

Jet Streamer provides audio production and consultancy services to organisations and hobbyists across Australia. By using experience gathered in audio engineering, film production, PR, and commercial radio we can assist smaller podcasters and audio producers to access audio production services, to compete on a level playing field with larger producers and get their voices heard in a crowded market. Our online-only platform aims to remove many of the overheads associated with traditional, large podcasting and audio production studios, leaving costs at an accessible level for smaller operators.

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Colin Blackley

BlackleySmith Distilleries


For Colin, his business idea has remained inside a thought bubble for the past 10 years. Having always wanted to start a distillery, Colin immersed himself in research. After taking leave from his community service career in 2017, Colin went to Adelaide to take part in the “Fundamentals of Spirit Production” course. After completing the course, he came back to Gippsland to launch the business and apply for a licence to produce spirits. Colin is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and grow a successful business. 

BlackleySmith Distilleries believes in providing the highest quality product while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. BlackleySmith Distilleries uses local and Australian made products to create first class spirits, starting with vodka using Thorpdale potatoes, and gin from East Gippsland grains. The Australian market has shifted over the last decade to demand the best that's available, and now more than ever we are all looking at buying local. The goals for the future of the business is to outgrow our purpose built facility on our three acre farmlet and establish a facility in our local town where we will be setting our sights on the export market. 

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Danielle Hollingsworth

Bush Box


Danielle’s career has seen her excel in purchasing and logistics. In later years, she owned a number of hospitality businesses both in Melbourne and East Gippsland. Danielle’s inspiration for her business came about while watching an interview with a new Instagram influencer about supporting people to “buy from the bush”. The blogger was actively showcasing regional businesses and their products. It was here that Bush Box was born - using amazing products from within the Gippsland region to create unique gift boxes. Danielle hopes to develop a greater knowledge of marketing and online sales through the Startup Gippsland program.

Bush Box is an online gift business. We sell boxed gifts which are made in regional areas of Australia, showcasing great produce and beautiful handmade products. The Bush Box website contains both gift boxes, and individual Australian native souvenirs which can be purchased and shipped via Australia Post. We are a gift service for all ages, with a focus on both corporate and consumer markets. Bush Box will initially be launched in Australia, with a goal of heading to International markets in the future. 

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Glenn Dawson

The Only Straw


Glenn owned two boutique hotels in Senggigi, Lombok and the Gili’s, Indonesia, for 12 years. Finding plastic straws constantly washing up on the beach fronts of the hotels, Glenn decided to source an alternative solution. Unfortunately, it was difficult and expensive to source alternative materials for straws in Indonesia. Since selling the hotels 2 years ago, and moving to The Gurdies, Glenn has continued to follow his passion for sourcing environmentally friendly straws. Glenn is excited to use his experience in the Startup Gippsland program to get his business off the ground and into mainstream hospitality businesses. 

The Only Straw works to solve the problems of single-use plastic straws. The Only Straws are made of wheat, durum flour, and water, and are dried as a pasta. The concept of pasta straws is popular in the UK, the US, and Italy. The straws can survive in cold liquids for over an hour, and they will not harm the environment, sealife, or wild animals; breaking down to nothing in a matter of days. Through education and awareness of the future without single use products, The Only Straw hopes to provide its products to major food chains, hospitality businesses, and the end user. 

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Hannah Green

ABC Pet Services


After a diverse and broad career in The South Australian Housing Trust, IT, computer systems analysis & programming, and public advocacy in the mental health sector, Hannah decided to create a business of her own. With a passion for helping others, Hannah has created a business which cares for both the elderly and their pets. Her hopes in joining the Startup Gippsland program are to meet like minded people, and assist her in growing her business so her products and services are more accessible to others. 

ABC Pet Services couples as an online eCommerce store selling pet supplements and accessories, and a pet caring service for those who are older or with disabilities and need assistance in looking after their pets. Our pet caring service will include pet sitting, walking, and cleaning of yards and enclosures. Our products and accessories available for purchase include long handled poop scoopers, no pull harnesses, ramps and steps, and high quality pet supplements. The goal for the future of the business is to acquire a property where clients can bring their pets for minding and care. 

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Jean & Ken Brown



Jean and Ken are retirees in Warragul, with a passion for travelling Australia in their caravan. Jean has a background in hospitality, and Ken has worked in surveying and road building and maintenance. The idea for their business came about when they would frequently find themselves unable to stop in various towns during their travels, due to the lack of long enough parking spaces. They seek to provide travellers with information on parking spaces in different towns, so that they can stop, have lunch, or wander the shops. Jean and Ken are excited to join the Startup Gippsland program and launch their new business.

CaravanTownParking is an online platform assisting travellers in caravans and motorhomes to find a convenient park within town centres. The target audience for this platform is families and grey nomads travelling Australia. The business will operate as an annual subscription based website where users can search for carparks in the towns they are approaching. The hope for the future is to expand the website to provide information on long bay parking for trucks and other large vehicles, as well as source advertising from Shires and Businesses within each town and district to enhance tourism and the economy.

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Jenny Rogers

Postcode Hives


Jenny has a diverse background, mostly in retail and management. One of her hobbies was to grow unusual, heritage fruit and vegetables, which soon led into beekeeping. Jenny found a niche in the market after her friends wanted to source raw honey from their postcodes. Her 10 years in retail helped her to market and create new honey products, and she hasn’t looked back. Jenny hopes to use the Startup Gippsland program to help her expand her business and sell her products in gourmet retail stores, with the possibility of selling overseas in the future. 

Postcode Hives specialises in small batch raw honey, creamed honey, honeycomb, and pollen. We also make wax bags and wraps, and use our honey in our Hive Chai and Honey Pops. We are passionate about education, and teach schools, kindergartens, and other facilities about bees and beekeeping. The goals for the future of our business are to expand our business to employ staff and open a store or warehouse, create new hive locations, grow and produce manuka honey, and reach national and overseas markets with our products. 

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Jessica Nehme

Start With Hello


Jessica is a confessed self starter. Since age 13 she has had a passion for business and creating job opportunities for herself. After moving to East Gippsland 2 years ago, Jessica is now studying a Bachelor of Business online. Through her involvement in the Startup Gippsland program, she hopes to create a self-sustaining profitable business which can be run from her living room., while also allowing her to donate a percentage of profits to causes which are close to her heart. Her idea for Start with Hello was inspired by her move to East Gippsland, as she experienced isolation and realised the need for maintaining social connections.

Start with Hello is a T-shirt company that aims to start the conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding social isolation and loneliness. T-shirts will be printed with greetings such as 'Hello hello' and profits raised will be fed into organisations or initiatives that provide opportunities for the lonely people in our society to interact with others. A future goal of the business is to run a National Hello Day in schools & businesses to normalise the problem of loneliness so that people experiencing it can be exposed to many more opportunities to help reduce their isolation.

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Julian Cassin & Francis Weston



Julian Cassin & Francis Weston met at Toll Holdings. After working together for almost 10 years, they decided to start their own business, Mitsukibo Pty Ltd.  Initially, their business was created to bring better software to the logistics industry, as well as providing eCommerce solutions. Julian and Francis had their first office in Richmond, where they met Nick Reynish of Rencon who occupied a neighbouring office. They completed some joint programs, and have now gone on to combine their expertise with their newest joint venture, WebForestryIntell. They were inspired to join the Startup Gippsland program to learn more about marketing and how they can expand their business. 

WebForestryIntell was recently established by Mitsukibo founders, Julian Cassin & Francis Weston, along with Rencon founder, Nick Reynish, to bring IT to the Forestry Industry in addition to other technology lagged industries. We have created a product, QuickIMS, which allows for customers to create custom data forms and capture data, even at locations without a data connection. WebForestryIntell place a high value on their customer service, and put data security and privacy at the forefront of the operations. Our product is unique in several technical aspects, and the intention is to make it affordable to even the smallest businesses, while also being scalable to the needs of  larger corporations.

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Julie Blackley

A Teacher of Being



Julie has a varied background, from professional musician, to chef, to natural therapist. She then put her professional qualifications to the side and followed an inner calling that radically altered her life.  After 20 years of travelling and studying under the Masters of Stillness/Enlightenment from various traditions, she found her calling. She now teaches Non Dualism, a practice which sees her clients living in awareness and allowing a freedom to respond with love. 

Through a system of inquiry, A Teacher of Being points clients toward a transformation of consciousness that brings them back to the Awareness that is the very foundation of all experience.  This deepening of awareness changes their perception and relationship with everyday life, returning them to a core of inner peace and a renewed sense of Being. We work with a range of clients, from young men to middle aged women, although everyone can equally benefit from this work. The goals for the future of the business is to become a global brand, running retreats and workshops to help people embrace their potential.

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Katie Dawson

Cottage Garden Threads


Pam and Katie are a mother/daughter duo with a love of natural fibre textiles. Pam has a diverse background in textiles, from dressmaking to dyeing fabric, and started Cottage Garden Threads from her kitchen sink 10 years ago. Having studied Fashion Design and Production, and with a Certificate in Textile Design through an apprenticeship facilitated by RMIT, Katie joined Pam shortly after. The idea for Cottage Garden Threads came about when they identified a gap in the market for Australian wholesale manufacturers of hand dyed embroidery thread. They wish to cultivate an accessible, inclusive, and inspiring culture that emulates the ancient mindful practice of embroidery.

Cottage Garden Threads produces variegated embroidery threads dyed by hand, bringing together kindred stitchers around the globe through soulful products, projects and community. Our target audience is traditionally women aged 35-90+, but with Covid-19 has come a paradigm shift, not only for purchasing Australian made products, but as younger generations slow down and pick up a hobby, to find in embroidery what generations before them have found. It's not only the younger generation who are picking up a needle and thread, beginners of all ages are ready to discover our world and we are ready to embrace them into our family.

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Kellie Willis

WillGrow Global


Kellie has a Bachelor of Communications, more than 15 years’ experience as a journalist and 10 years’ experience in PR, marketing and tourism. Amid the blame-game that occurred across media and social media platforms during last year's student climate action demonstrations and the 2019-2020 bushfire crisis, Kellie realised the good stories were being ignored. She decided the world needed a safe place where people could go to learn, ask questions, and see what other people were doing to contribute to positive climate action; a place where achievements could be celebrated, and the health of our planet could be the priority issue. 

WillGrow Global writes and collates good news stories around climate action. The goal is not to debate whether climate change is real, but to promote the ethos of “let’s just work towards a better planet regardless”. WillGrow Global will build a digital community on the basis that every little thing we can do as individuals helps, and will also celebrate the wins of governments (Australian and international), corporations, and businesses taking positive steps to climate action. The main clients will be businesses, companies, and government organisations wanting to promote the innovations they have implemented for sustainability and environmental impact.

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Kieran Black

Vida Health + Wellness


Kieran has a background in website development and firefighting. He has decided to use entrepreneurship to allow him to pursue his interest for health and wellness, and is joined by his wife, Valerie. Valerie is a remedial massage therapist who currently runs a successful operation. Keiran is using his passion for Australian native medicinal plants to provide organic and natural skin care products to their clients. By joining forces, Keiran hopes to combine their skills and develop a massage and spa treatment clinic on Phillips Island. They are building the business as a franchise model and are looking forward to learning more from the Startup Gippsland program. 

Vida Health + Wellness combines a traditional bricks and mortar massage and spa treatment practice with quality, natural skincare and beauty products. We offer products made from Australian native medicinal plants such as Carpobrotus glaucescens', which has similar properties to aloe vera, to use both on clients, and sell in store and to other boutiques. As the business grows, we hope to incorporate  more Australian indigenous botanical ingredients, allowing customers to gain an appreciation for the under-utilised botanical treasures of Australia.

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Kira Thomas

Kira Marie


As a young child, Kira’s Aunty would take her to “the big smoke” to shop for her cousins. In her teen years, this passion would lead her to sketching designs and clothing -- even her own formal dress. After a traumatic event in her early 20’s, Kira had the opportunity to reassess what she wanted to do in life, and she found Image Consulting and Fashion Styling. She completed her Certificate 3 in Image Consulting and was Internationally accredited. Kira has now started her own styling business, and is setting out to develop stylish and beautiful plus size clothing for women.

Kira Marie aims to provide clothing and styling advice to mums. What is currently offered to plus size women can be outdated, shapeless, and add years to your look. It can be difficult being a mum, let alone struggling to find stores that carry stylish clothes to make you feel and look amazing. Kira Marie will show mums what to wear, how to wear it, where to shop, and help them feel confident in their clothing while still understanding the unique needs and budget of the beautiful mum. They will be left feeling accepted, current, sexy, and on trend (even if they were up all night with the kids)!

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Kirsten Mackintosh

Sat Nam Weightloss


Kirsten is a registered nutritionist who has worked in the Victorian Government Life! Program for the past 10 years. She has a Bachelor in Education Home Economics, Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition, and Yoga Certifications. Kirsten has a passion for health and wellness, having also owned and managed a weight loss franchise for 7 years, helping more than 2000 women. Her business idea has come about from seeing and experiencing the pain of women trying to lose weight in an obesogenic society for which they are ill-equipped. Kirsten has learnt first hand that a diet plan is not enough, and people need simple and powerful tools to deliver results which help them to stay on track. 

Sat Nam Weightloss provides a weight loss program for women aged 45 - 65 who are ill-equipped to lose weight in an obesogenic society. These women have tried many weight-loss solutions without sustainable success, and are now ready to try a different approach that is effective, and can be achieved in the comfort of their own home without any special equipment required. These women are time poor and sick of the diet cycle, so are looking for a quick and sustainable result. Currently, 67% of women in Australia are overweight or obese. Our goal is to help as many women as possible in Australia, before launching to International markets. 


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Laura Hunt



Laura is currently studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University. Through her involvement in external internships, including an organic agriculture internship in Hawaii, Laura found a passion for improving on farm practice to reduce food waste, particularly in developing regions. Through the Startup Gippsland Incubator Program, she hopes to workshop her idea with other like minded people to develop and create a sustainable business model.

In Australia alone, farmers can experience significant waste before their product leaves the farm gate -- through pests, disease, and poor yields. AgInAction aims to provide farming internships to developing communities and producers who seek the opportunity to better their management practices to improve on-farm production and lower food waste. AgInAction will also work alongside these communities to improve the standard of living and sustainability in their clients farming practices. By providing practical and accessible internships internationally, AgInAction will have the opportunity to assist diverse farming communities. 

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Leisa Stanford

The Saucey Queen


Growing up in a foodie family, Leisa is passionate about combining old fashioned recipes with a twist of new. Having worked in various customer service roles, she decided to combine her passion for food with business. 4 years ago, Leisa took the leap of faith to run her own hot food trailer, Harry Hoo. Over this time, her sauces have become extremely popular, leading her to focus on my new business, The Saucey Queen. I am excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program to develop my knowledge in business management, and grow and expand to new markets. 

The Saucey Queen produces amazing tasting sauces, savoury jams, and biscuits which utilise products from Gippsland and the surrounding region. Our flavours are inspired by Australian and Asian spices, and we also showcase Indigenous flavours through our products, too. There is a lack of Australian made and owned products on the market, so The Saucy Queen seeks to solve this issue. The goal for the future of the business is to sell our products on major supermarket shelves, and for our sauces to be used in major hospitality businesses.

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Lewis Ray

Fuller Life Australia


Lewis qualified and worked as a Physiotherapist in the UK. He quickly developed a passion for community based allied health, after seeing both the good and bad sides of health care. Lewis found that services in the UK were highly effective yet difficult to maintain due to cost. After working in Australian aged care, he quickly identified a need for home, facility, and community allied health services in rural regions. Lewis is excited to deliver a high quality and truly caring service built by allied health professionals in Australia. 

Fuller Life Australia provides young and older adults with allied health services in the comfort of their own homes, in conjunction with NDIS coordinators and their participants, home care service providers, residential aged care facilities, hospitals, GP practices, and private patients. Fuller Life Australia seeks to solve the problems of accessing allied health in rural areas which results in poorer health outcomes and higher costs and travel time. Providing home, facility, and community visits allow for a more tailored, effective and convenient solution for all people, producing a higher chance of a more successful outcome to their rehabilitation and overall health and wellbeing.

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Lyn Bennett

online mediation


Living in Wonthaggi, Lyn carries with her a breadth of experience. Her diverse career has seen her as a lawyer, nationally accredited mediator, teacher, consultant, career counsellor, and within the hospitality and tourism industry. Her business idea was conceived in 2015 on a 2 week tour of New York to study ‘International Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (ADR). Lyn hopes to use the Startup Gippsland program to build a solid foundation to launch her ADR business, and to be challenged and pushed to succeed.

This business works to provide an online platform for mediation to parties who are in dispute, in order to reach creative, confidential, and cost-effective agreements. Hoping to assist parents, the online platform provides a safe way for people to communicate without the fear or anxiety of being in physical proximity. Initially, the business serves to assist parties throughout Gippsland, with the hope of expanding nationally or internationally in the future, attracting like-minded people to join the venture along the way. 

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Madeleine McKenzie

Cabaret On Call


Madeleine has had a passion for singing for as long as she can remember. After working in sales, she decided to put her energy into developing her business, Cabaret on Call. Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, Madeleine’s business model seeked to provide in person cabaret shows to Gippsland nursing homes. Since then, she has pivoted to an online model, to allow her to perform virtually, anywhere in the world. She is looking forward to the Startup Gippsland program, and hopes to grow her business internationally by working with dedicated ideas people who like to think outside of the square. 

Cabaret on Call is a virtual cabaret performance tailored to the aged care and corporate sectors. The aim is to provide an engaging and exciting show, where members of the audience can request songs or themes which are close to their heart, from the comfort of their own home or workplace. For those in an aged care facility, Cabaret on Call is there to give their audience something to look forward to, at any time of the day. The future goals for the business is to become a trusted name in providing virtual performances in both Australia and across the globe. These performances will see the audience find joy and happiness from music.

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Mariah MacInnes

Content Queen


With a degree in Public Relations and Journalism through Deakin University, Mariah went into the corporate world, working as a Communications and Marketing Executive in the Automotive industry. In 2017, Mariah sought out freelancing work as a writer to fund her travels. As her online presence grew she decided to grow her business which would allow her to travel full time. In 2019, Content Queen was born. Mariah was inspired to join the Startup Gippsland program because she loves connecting with new people, loves all things business, and is looking to grow and develop her business into an empire! 

Content Queen is a content marketing and content writing business working with entrepreneurs to help market their business. The Content Queen audience can be broken up into 2 segments:. early-stage entrepreneurs who want to learn how they can generate more of an aligned audience online, and the entrepreneur looking to scale by hiring a content marketing guru and writer into their business. In the future, the goals for Content Queen is to scale to an educational hub, as well as a writing agency! Content Queen will have a membership style format where entrepreneurs can come to educate themselves on all things marketing and content marketing. 

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Mark Johnstone

Snowy River Black Garlic


Born and bred in East Gippsland, Mark has seen himself working in the motor, timber, and oil and gas industries. When faced with the prospect of a fly in - fly out role, he decided to instead pursue his interest in food production to prove that an income can be made from a small parcel of land. Mark’s wife has a naturopathic background and was aware of aged garlic and its benefits. After considerable research and testing, Mark has decided to pursue black garlic as the perfect value add for their crop, given the limited number of producers in Australia. He hopes the Startup Gippsland program will give him the tools and confidence to succeed. 

Snowy River Black Garlic delivers its aged garlic to a broad spectrum of consumers, from the health conscious to the everyday person looking to try new foods from all parts of the country. Most recently, we have expanded our production and storage capability in anticipation of continued growth. We have received a number of enquiries from overseas and see these as opportunities we need to see the business grow to become the leading manufacture of Black Garlic in Australia 

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Megan Hopman

Playful Paws: Training and Wellness


Megan pursued her love of animals from an early age, and holds a Bachelor of Animal Science. As her career progressed, she saw herself working within the RSPCA and other welfare organisations, and as a trainer to seeing eye dogs. She is passionate about continued learning, and has studied in different areas of dog psychology and behaviour. Megan has also worked in the disability field, and holds multiple related qualifications. She is excited to be part of the Startup Gippsland program, and to take her business to the next level.

Playful Paws began in the carpark of a local pet shop, offering group training classes each week. Since then, the business has grown into a new location, and offers a range of services to help all people and their dogs -- including group classes, individual consultations, therapy and assistance dog training, day training, and doggy day care. Playful Paws is centred around helping people to understand their own dogs and their behaviour, to bring out the best in their best friend.

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Melinda & Joe Licciardi

Chapter 2


Melinda and Joe are passionate members of the Gippsland Community. Melinda has a background in social work and education, and Joe has a background in Hospitality and TAFE training. Their business, Chapter 2, was inspired by the Streat Social Enterprise model. They seek to help young people realise their potential for personal growth and contribute to their community. Through the Startup Gippsland program, Melinda and Joe hope to enhance their business model and scalability. 

Chapter 2 supports and assists disengaged youth within the Gippsland region. Centred around the social enterprise model, Chapter 2 provides youth with social and emotional support, relevant job training, and experience in local food production, to supply cafes, restaurants and schools with wholesome, fresh food options. Chapter 2 is centred around addressing three specific issues -- to improve youth unemployment, mental health, and the poverty cycle, to improve recruitment of job-ready applicants within the hospitality industry, and to improve the sustainability of the hospitality industry in South Gippsland.

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Michael Stretton

Abundant Boundaries


Michael has a diverse background in building, management and sales, counselling, and care taking. As a hobbyist gardener and farmer, his business idea came about from wanting to drought proof his hobby farm, while exploring ways to become more self-sufficient and reduce his consumption of processed foods. Michael is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program to help him kick start his business. 

We want to design, install, and service aquaponic systems that assist the homeowner to produce organic fresh foods on a scale which allows them to become self-sufficient. A Home Aquaponics system delivers nutritionally rich organic produce, free of pesticides, herbicides and ocean pollution while minimising the use of our precious fresh water resources and excessive use of fertilisers that currently occurs. In current agricultural systems, much of this ends up in groundwater reservoirs, river systems, and our oceans. Our clients are health conscious, and consume fresh produce for its high nutritional value. Each system which is installed will help to increase a household’s capacity to eat better, and reduce environmental impact.

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Michelle Gunn

Infection Control for Business


Michelle is an infection control consultant with an extensive background in the health care sector. Her practice has been a large part of her life for the past 20 years. The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a large knowledge gap in infection control, particularly in the non-healthcare industries. Michelle hopes to educate and integrate a scientifically proven, sensible, and cost-effective infection control plan for businesses. She is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and learn more about marketing and scaling. 

Infection Control for Business consults non-health care industries to educate and integrate an infection control plan within their business. We conduct a friendly on-site or virtual tour of a business, provide a package of information, and write a customised infection control plan for the business; we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach as every business is different. Our current target market is the hospitality industry and professional offices. The goals for the future of the business are to secure employees who consult in different areas of Victoria, and to create a subscription model for businesses looking for information and materials for their industry.

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Olivia O’Connor

Olivia O’Connor



Having always had a passion for making and creating, particularly using natural materials, Olivia studied Furniture Design and Construction at RMIT. From there she went on to study Prop Making and Scenic Art at NIDA, where she developed a wide range of making and planning skills -- and made her first rocking horse. After graduating, Olivia worked as a scenic artist and prop maker for theatre and films in Sydney and London, however she found she wasn't a good fit with the industry. She decided to leave the city and move back to the country where she set herself up as a rocking horse maker in 2013.

Olivia O’Connor Carving was established in 2013, designing, hand carving, and creating custom ordered rocking horses to be passed down through the family generations. Since then, the business has expanded to include rocking horse restoration and workshops where students carve their own rocking horse. Most recently, I have expanded my practice into all forms of woodcarving commissions, and now teach wood carving classes in several different styles. The future of Olivia O’Connor Carving is to create an online classroom, providing access to more students who wish to learn how to carve wood. 

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Peta Strachan

Free 3D Hands


Peta has a background in business and administration, and grew up in a family business. In 2019, Peta joined Mat Bowtell and his charity, Free 3D Hands, as the Operations manager. Having grown up with Mat on Phillip Island, she is equally passionate about the charity, where 3D printing technology is used to make assistive devices for free. Peta and Mat have big plans to expand their idea, production model, and designs internationally. Through Startup Gippsland, Peta hopes to develop the business structure and knowledge required to carry out their future goals for the charity. 

The cost of traditional prosthetics is out of reach of most Australians, and near impossible for people in developing countries. Funding for upper limb differences is very difficult via the NDIS, and it frequently takes years. Free 3D Hands use state of the art software to design fingers, hands, and assistive devices which are provided for free to those in need anywhere in the world.  3D printing is a highly adaptable and low cost technology that can be adopted in remote communities and by people with little training. We are also currently designing a low-cost Bionic Arm and this is the next important stage of our research.

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Pete Collings

Self-Build Simplified


Pete has completed 2 degrees -- one in Design Studies from Adelaide University, and the other in Architecture from Washington State University. Coupled with this, he has an Advanced Diploma in Architectural Design, and 34 years of experience in the architecture industry. Pete was inspired to launch his business after witnessing the struggles of clients who were considering owner-building their homes and navigating the vast amount of information and required processes. Pete is excited to join the Startup Gippsland program and create a sustainable business venture.

SELF-BUILD SIMPLIFIED is an owner-builder consultancy service which helps people looking at owner-building their homes cut through the confusion. This can be an overwhelming process for many people that comes with managing, designing, planning, and building their own home. We work to assist owner-builders gain knowledge of what’s required for the process, so that there are fewer surprises along the way! Our goal for the future of the business is to expand the consultancy to Victoria wide, before going national and international.

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Renee Rooney

Mother Deer


After completing qualifications in Illustration and Graphic Design at TAFE and running her own small art business after graduating, Renee left the creative world behind to pursue a career in business management and administration. 20 years later, Renee became disenchanted with her career path and constantly felt the “call” of her creative side urging her to create art once again. Through her journey of recovery from postnatal depression and anxiety, and after the passing of her beloved mother, Renee came up with the idea for a business that would help support other new mothers experiencing postnatal mental health issues. 

Social stigma and a lack of awareness regarding PostNatal Depression and Anxiety still exist today. Mother Deer aims to bridge this gap by raising awareness, and bringing inspiration and a positive message into the lives of new parents experiencing these often debilitating mental health conditions. Mother Deer produces baby clothes that are printed with original artwork and inspirational quotes that will uplift new parents when they read it. A portion of proceeds from each item sold will be donated to the main charity in Australia that supports postnatal mental health - PANDA. Mother Deer will use its products to promote postnatal mental health nationally, and also become a resource for new parents, providing blog posts and community support.

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Renie McDonough

All Well and Good


As a qualified beauty therapist, Renie is very much aware of the hype and false promises made by the wider beauty industry. She was inspired by a friend who made her own hair-health products, and decided to experiment with skin-care recipes of her own with surprising success! She aims to provide women with quality personal care products at sensible pricing. Renie joined the Startup Gippsland program for education about how to upscale her business, and develop a sustainable framework for getting her products out into the world.

All Well and Good specialises in providing pure, chemical free, organic skin care products without the hefty price tag. Our range includes bespoke products and remedies such as hemp seed oil products for sensitive skin, colloidal silver skincare products for acne prone skin, magnesium oil sprays, and anti-nausea remedies for chemotherapy patients or pregnant women. The goals for the future of the business are to provide in-store workshops, to outsource product production, and to offer employment opportunities to those within the community.

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Rinaldo Antico

Gro Wilde


Spending his childhood foraging in Italy with his grandma and aunties, Rinaldo would look for mushrooms, dandelions, stinging nettles, and many other nutritious treats. This became one of his favourite past times here in Australia. In 2019, Rinaldo was exploring an outdoor program called Food & Song for private schools near the Banksia Peninsula. After the bushfire season and the global pandemic, Rinaldo decided to pivot away from his original concept and created Gro Wilde, where he grows and forages foods to process and sell. 

Gro Wilde’s mission is to create sustainable solutions or alternatives to food production, which in turn can improve the health and economy of families. The business is centred around education - providing information on food waste and composting to both schools and communities. We also sell natural products at farmers markets, such as dry and fresh gourmet pine mushrooms that are picked and processed locally in East Gippsland. Gro Wilde also provides catering services to those who are interested in gourmet rustic cuisine, and has an online retail store where products can be sold both nationally and internationally.

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Ross Shaw & Laura Hunt

Shaws Distillery


For Ross and Laura, their business has been a long time dream. Their distillery is situated on a long-held family property, surrounded by barley crops and overlooking a beautiful creek. The location creates charm and character for their brand, while speaking to the history of the area. Ross and Laura are excited to join the Startup Gippsland program to bring their idea to life, and open the doors of their Shaws Distillery. 

Shaws Distillery is located in Glenmaggie in the heart of Gippsland. We produce high quality products using local ingredients and grain grown on our family property. Australian whiskeys and gins are emerging as some of the best in the world, and Shaws Distillery brings the opportunity to showcase Gippsland made boutique spirits to the world. We sell craft gin and whiskey, and take inspiration from local and medicinal herbs and botanicals. Our goals for the future of the business are to open the distillery to the public, hosting functions, events, tastings, and meals which showcase local produce. We also hope to supply bottle shop retailers both nationally and internationally.

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Ryan Khay

Content On The Spot


Ryan is a multi-award winning Content Director, and has spent the past 19 years moving around the country and overseas for his Radio career. He is passionate about providing quality video and podcast content to his clients through his business, Content on the Spot. Ryan is also an enthusiastic Music Producer, DJ, Film buff, and Spiritual Activist.

Content on the Spot is a Mobile Podcast and Social Media Production Company that specialise in creating boutique local content at the customers location. We help Gippsland businesses and organisations find new ways to communicate and connect with their customers through mobile Podcasting, and effective Social Media content creation and training, all done in your location. You do you!
The team from Content On The Spot produces content on location, so there is no post-production wait time for clients. This means clients have almost immediate access to their engaging and quality content. Content on the Spot takes the guesswork out of Live Streaming and Podcast Production, leaving businesses to focus on what they do best.

Content On The Spot -  Content Creation In Your Location!

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Sarah Dowell



Living on Phillip Island, Sarah is a qualified nurse who has spent time volunteering in Uganda and Malawi, working for local non-government organisations to provide educational programs for vulnerable children. Through her time in Africa, Sarah realised the potential impact that these ethical, grass-roots businesses could have on changing the world. Sarah is a passionate believer in the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the power of the everyday consumer to help achieve these, simply by the products they choose to buy. Asanti is hoping to open for Christmas orders in November 2020.

Asanti is an online store supporting grass-roots social enterprises to raise their brand awareness and expand their impact. Asanti sells products from emerging social enterprises who donate 50% or more of their profits to a cause of their choosing, or who match a product "one for one". Asanti sells menstrual products, personal care items such as toothbrushes and makeup wipes, giftware, socks, underwear, and reusable cutlery. We support Australian and international enterprises who choose purpose over profit at their core. Asanti’s goal is to give these brands a voice and consumers a choice -- using their dollars to help change our world.

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Sharon Stanford

Gippsland Bath & Body


With a background in nursing, Sharon has a passion for both health and natural products. After beginning to research and understand the harmful ingredients which exist in bath and body products today, she found that most natural products were expensive, making them inaccessible to a large portion of the population. So, Sharon decided to make her own. She now wants to turn her business into a holistic health brand and is passionate about using her platform to reduce the stigma surrounding the “busy” mentality, and instead replace it with the notion that self-care is essential to our overall health. She looks forward to joining the Startup Gippsland program.

Gippsland Bath & Body seeks to achieve 3 things. Firstly, to provide products to customers that are free from nasty ingredients and not overpriced. Secondly, to help solve the public health issue of lifestyle disease, where prevention should be placed in a higher regard. And thirdly, to teach and educate women on the importance of self care. Our target audience is young to middle aged women who have a lot on their plate, aren’t sure how to keep their families healthy, and may be concerned about the products they are putting on their skin but are conscious of over spending the family budget. 

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Stephen Noble

Hugh Charles Clothing


Both founders, Steve & Alice grew up on farms -- Steve in Briagolong, & Alice in the Tamworth area. Their work background is primarily in the agricultural sector, and Steve currently works for a local fertiliser company. They bought their own farm south of Briagolong in 2017, and found the need to diversify during the drought was the main motivation behind their business. Given that the business has already surpassed Steve and Alice’s original goals, they are now looking to grow and expand further, allowing Steve to become full time in the business. 

Hugh Charles Clothing is named after Alice’s late father William ‘Hugh’ Tanner and Steve’s father Barry ‘Charles’ Noble. The exclusively online company sells high quality, rural, Australian inspired clothes made from all natural fibres. Our biggest seller is our 100% wool flannel shirts. The main audience of Hugh Charles Clothing is those who love the outdoors -- camping, fishing, 4x4, hunting, bushwalking, firewood collecting, and more. The goals for the future of the business is for both founders to be fully employed by the company, and to bring manufacturing to Wellington Shire.

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Travis Molloy & Anthony Matters

Safety Campfires


Anthony's has worked over the past 20 years in Emergency Services and Trades & Small Businesses. He has worked extensively with other emergency services relating to Bushfires. Travis has over 20 year’s experience in Biotechnology and Leadership & Development work. He has also served in the Australian Army. He is an amateur 3D Printing and Electronics enthusiast, which was the basis for the Safety Campfire prototyping work. Their business idea was hatched while camping during a total fire ban. Travis and Anthony hope to use the Startup Gippsland program to expand their knowledge, experience, and networks. 

Not many people realise that up to 70% of all bushfires are caused by regular people, not from arson and lightning. Safety Campfires provide an alternative to lighting a campfire during at-risk periods, which could have a real impact on the number of bushfires we see each year. Our initial target audience was camping enthusiasts, however we have since found customers from a range of areas. These include an RSL (eternal flame for an ANZAC Day Dawn Service), backyard campers, entertainers (indoors and outdoors), schools (using a stage prop), and Naval Ceremonial applications. Safety Campfires will set up a manufacturing operation in Traralgon, with hopes to market the device worldwide. 

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Victoria Banning



Victoria has a Bachelor in Game Design from Murdoch University, coupled with years of experience in app and web development. Her product comes from years of interest and research in how the interactive medium of gaming can motivate, teach, and assess the player in ways traditional approaches cannot. Victoria is excited to join the Startup Gippsland program in order to network with other entrepreneurs, and gain experience in selling and marketing her product. 

Stimsims provides novel exercises and assessments for math skills through choose-your-own-adventure gaming. Players can measure the randomized game environment, build their own equations, carry out complex math operations on their equations, and generate their own answers. The game and player choices are measured with analytics and generate a rich report of player actions and errors, which can then be uploaded to Google Drive for a fee. Maths is the least popular subject in school, particularly once students reach middle school. The games are targeted specifically to this age group and above -- also assisting homeschoolers and University Students.

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Victoria Green

Little Duck


After completing a Science Degree with a Masters in Agribusiness through Melbourne University, Victoria has gone on to develop a sustainable Agri-based venture of her own on her family’s beef property. Her idea for her new business, Little Duck, came about when she found a passion for using natural skin care products to reduce the amount of chemicals she was using, and their subsequent impact on the land. Victoria’s favourite place on her farm to sit, unwind, and think, is overlooking a dam which houses many ducks and ducklings. Hence the name, Little Duck.

Little Duck serves to produce a unique range of skincare and bodycare products for young women who are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic materials they place on their skin. Little Duck uses locally sourced ingredients from all over Gippsland, including beeswax from a local hive. Our business focuses on lip balms, however we will be extending our range to include body wash, face cream, deodorant, and soap. We hope to bring a sense of comfort and connection to all that Gippsland has on offer, when customers use our products; something big name brands are unable to achieve.

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