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Aidan Hill



As an Advanced Care Paramedic, Aidan has witnessed an increasing number of acute and chronic patients who experience decline in their condition, specifically for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Chronic Congestive Heart Failure. With his growing interest in the IoT and digitisation of health, Aidan teamed up with George Fitzgerald to find a solution to deliver effective monitoring and diagnosis of deterioration in physiological signs with a remote patient monitor. Aidan is excited to join the Startup Gippsland program to develop and launch his business, LifeNet. 

LifeNet provides an innovative, digital healthcare solution for community nursing agencies to effectively manage patient vital sign records and documentation with a digital mobile application and desktop web application. This process is usually completed on ‘Charts’ with paper copies, however with multiple patients, conditions and transient workforces, this creates complexity and difficulties of its own. LifeNet removes the need for paper charts to allow for easier patient data entry among nursing staff.  We are focused on targeting community care nursing agencies with LifeNet, as these organisations will benefit greatly from this service.

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Amy Morrison

Sweet Rebel Bakes


After travelling & working in some of Australia’s most prominent holiday resorts, Amy decided to return home and gain a qualification in Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Melbourne. Amy was inspired to apply for the program to help build a business with two main components. The first is a sweet gift box service, providing custom cookies and mixed sweet treats. The second is a baking box, where a component of the sweets box, whether that be cookies, cupcakes, or tarts, are given with clear instructions and ingredients pre portioned for people to create their own -- think the dessert version of Hello Fresh.

Sweet Rebel Bakes designs and ships gift boxes and baking boxes which are perfect for the time poor. Sweet Gift Boxes are set and forget. Simply choose a colour theme and a message, then let us create and deliver a beautiful box to your loved ones. The Baking Boxes eliminate the boring parts of baking -- recipe hunting, shopping, and weighing out ingredients. The customer is left with the fun of baking, the memories! The goals for the future of Sweet Rebel Bakes is to create a YouTube channel with video instructions for the baking boxes, giving the viewer extra tips and hints, while also engaging with our community. 

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Andrea Norton



Andrea is a 5th generation Gippslander with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a background in health care. She is now embarking on a career change, using her background, experience, and passions to develop her own business, 2Xperience.  Andrea’s idea came from seeing businesses who needed support, and other businesses who could meet that need through corporate days or volunteering activities. She is excited to be bringing her idea of almost 20 years to fruition with the support and knowledge from the Startup Gippsland program.  

2Xperience aims to increase corporate and leisure visitation to regional areas, and promote collaborative business partnerships. We want to see local people become tourists in their own region, and provide an experience to either corporate or private groups. 2Xperience is geared toward groups or businesses who enjoy a sense of fun, particularly through nature based activities. The activities aim to improve mental health and workplace engagement, while also improving business sustainability and economic growth.

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Andrew Smith

Gippsland Better Life Produce


For the past 20 years, Andrew has farmed beef cattle on his property in Tonimbuk. He started his career working as a chef before launching his own business, Cheffields Gippsland Providore, which serviced the hospitality industry with quality farm produce. It is through this business that Andrew has been able to identify the missing link between farmers and chefs, which has driven his passion for a new project, Gippsland Better Life Produce. Andrew is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and bring his new business to life. 

Gippsland Better Life Produce is designed to pay tribute to the work of farmers, and the care they take in raising their produce. It will celebrate the life journey of livestock from farmers who use regenerative farming practices and high quality animal welfare programs. This will appeal to those who wish to know more about their food chain and respect the life of the produce they consume, knowing the highest possible welfare practices are used for the entire life of the animal. 

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Beau Vernon

Motivational speaker


Living in San Remo, Beau has a passion for family, support, exercise, mental health, and assisting the disability community. At the age of 23, an on-field Australian Rules football accident left him with Quadriplegia. The accident opened Beau’s eyes open to understanding people from all walks of life, and wanting to help others. He has a Bachelor of Business Economics and Finance, and currently coaches the Phillip Island Football and Netball Club’s senior team. Beau is a motivational speaker, and works for a disability company, Interact Australia. He looks forward to pursuing his new business idea in the Startup Gippsland program. 

1 in 5 Australians live with a disability, and less than half of Australians of working age with a disability are employed. This business serves to support people living with a disability, to develop their confidence, self belief, self worth, and potential. This online coaching program will help these people to discover their passions, set goals, and work toward achieving things such as employment. The program will be delivered to the disability community nationwide, supporting individuals and their families. It will also assist in breaking down societal barriers around the negative biases that exist toward people with a disability. 

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Brenton Crowley

Proven Online Courses


For Brenton, the culmination of previous degrees in multimedia design and teaching, coupled with careers as a mobile and web app developer, as well as a teacher, set the scene for his business idea. Brenton has a passion for writing, and combined with a thirst to be better than the person he was the previous day, led to an interest in further learning and storytelling. It was here that his business, Proven Online Courses was born. Brenton is excited to bring his curiosity and positive entrepreneurial spirit to the Startup Gippsland program, while he connects with other like-minded and passionate business owners. 

Proven Online Courses is a marketplace for lifelong learners so that they can take a course with confidence about achieving the end result. Just about anyone can make an online course these days, but how can you hit that purchase button with confidence knowing that the course will offer the transformation it proposes? You're relying on reviews, sales videos, or that money-back guarantee. But what about when a friend recommends a course to you? You're a little more likely, aren't you? Proven Online Courses is like that friend. We'll have somebody independently review the course and reveal its benefits and their transformation first hand, helping you to find the perfect course. 

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Brian Dabinett

Wild Dog Solutions


Brian has worked in IT in a variety of roles since finishing school. Over the last 10 years, he has focused on providing innovative digital solutions to the social housing and support service provider markets. Brain is excited to be a part of the Startup Gippsland program and learn more about effective marketing to help him grow his business, Wild Dog Solutions, in Australia. 

Wild Dog Solutions sell software that is used by community housing providers to engage with their tenants, staff, and contractors over a range of digital channels. We use digital technology such as SMS, web portals, and mobile apps to improve communication and access to information. Wild Dog Solutions have created their own software platform called Intelligent Framework. This runs workflows to clients housing management systems, creating a digital conversation with a tenant or client through SMS, email, or home automation products such as Alexa or Google Home. 

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Bronwyn Manley

Bon in the Garden


Bronwyn Manley holds a Bachelor of Business Management in Hospitality. Combined with her passion to grow a natural garden, and with years’ of experience in the hospitality industry, Bon in the Garden was born. Her keen interest in edible flowers and micro herbs enhanced from her desire to grow food for her family, and from her work at the Tinamba Hotel. Bronwyn hopes to expand her products and sales on a larger scale through participating in the Startup Gippsland Incubator program. 

Bon in the Garden provides edible dried sprinkles to small and medium sized businesses across Gippsland. The sprinkles serve to be a natural alternative to normal sprinkles, and can be used by cafes, restaurants, caterers, cake decorators, artisan jewellery makers, and in homes by families. Bon in the Garden seeks to provide a high end product which benefits the environment by using less packaging, and fewer food miles, while maintaining the garden ethos and standards at the heart of the business. 

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Carmel Riley

Carmel Riley Consulting


Carmel is an authentic leader with 16 years’ experience across government, not for profit, and commercial enterprise. She holds an Executive MBA, Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy, and Bachelor of Speech Pathology (hons). Carmel commenced her own small business consultancy in 2018. Carmel is passionate about helping individuals who have faced systemic barriers to employment. She adds value by empowering skilled individuals and connecting them with opportunities to benefit themselves and the economy. Carmel was inspired to join the Startup Gippsland program as a method to grow, learn, and develop a scalable business model.

Carmel Riley Consulting has recently been certified by Social Traders as a Social Enterprise. Carmel Riley Consulting is a for-purpose consulting firm that provides leadership to support socially minded businesses and government deliver mission-oriented, viable solutions. Services Include:
Evaluation and Strategy; Strategic Human Resource Management; Complex Procurement and Contract Management; Governance Advisory; Business Development and Training and Development. These services create a commercial environment to recruit, train and mobilise underemployed professionals facing systemic barriers to employment. We have a team of 5 very experienced people from diverse backgrounds. Our services can be delivered in Victoria and nationwide and all services are available online where face-to-face is not practicable.

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Caroline Hammond

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping


Since leaving her family’s sugar cane farm in Queensland as a teenager, Caroline yearned to get back to her lifelong connection with nature and animals, and adopt a self-sufficient lifestyle.. After setting up the perfect chook run, she decided to follow her passion and keep bees. Caroline’s idea was to become a classic beekeeper, using every element of the hive to avoid waste. She found a community within the Victorian beekeeping industry and decided to launch her own business with the support of those around her.

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping was created to celebrate the connections we have with each other and our environment through the meeting and mentoring of like-minded people. We mentor beekeepers, teaching them valuable techniques, and helping them to find their wings within this hobby. In addition to this, Come Fly With Me has 30 honey production hives around the West Gippsland region. These bees are nurtured to produce incredible, raw local honey. We also sell beekeeping equipment and products, and provide extraction and set up services for our clients. 

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