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Hollie Johnson

Deadly Wears


Deadly Wears is a majority owned Aboriginal Apparel Business. Along with her sister and brother in law, Hollie aims to respectfully create ethical and sustainable First Nations products that showcase their Culture, Country and Community, for all People to wear with pride. Through Deadly Wears, Hollie wishes to share and celebrate her Indigenous Australian culture with everyone. 

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Dave Sayers

Avail Designs


Dave Sayers is the founder of Avail Designs, which creates a range of stylish bathroom grab rails and shower seats to make accessible bathrooms safer and more attractive. He is passionate about working to reduce the stigma associated with mobility aids, by creating designs that are functional and also look great. Having grown up in Gippsland, Dave started Avail in his parents' old dairy, and he is excited to keep manufacturing Australian made where possible, and forming local partnerships.

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Rhonda Campbell



Rhonda Campbell is a Speech Pathologist, and she founded Bellfield Speech Pathology 32 years ago, which has supported more than 5000 families across the Gippsland region. Approximately 13 years ago, she met Dimitri Caplygin, the founder and inventor of the Cellfield Reading Program. This computer based program can improve reading skills by an average of 18 months over a one month time period. Rhonda is now in the process of securing ownership of the Cellfield business, and is excited for the ongoing potential of the program. 

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Lachlan Geritz & Asbrand Weekes

Kooee Brew Pty Ltd


Asbrand and Lachlan describe themselves as being naturally curious, adventurous, and driven, with a passion for achieving their goals. They embarked on their entrepreneurial journey 12 months ago, and came up with the concept for Kooee Brew, which creates and distributes packaged iced teas using natural botanicals, and nitro cold brew coffee. They are excited to continue to build their business, which contributes to the local economy, community and environment.

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Elle James

Night Babe


Night Babe founder, Elle James, is a freelance makeup artist of 14 years. 2020 put a halt to the makeup industry and her normal 9-5, creative outlet and livelihood was stopped for nearly 8 months! It was here that Night Babe was born, and Elle has used her experience in sewing and understanding of skin care, to create luxurious handcrafted silk pillowcases. Elle is proud to be a Gippsland product manufacturer and e-commerce store owner, and can’t wait to show fellow entrepreneurs that you can run a successful, fashionable and national e-commerce store right here in Gippsland.

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Katie Dawson

Cottage Garden Threads


Katie Dawson is the co-founder of Cottage Garden Threads (CGT), and her team are proud to be connecting stitchers of all ages, genders, cultures and abilities through inspiring projects and addictive hand dyed threads. By using Lean methodologies, CGT are able to manufacture 20,000 threads per month from a little quirky old building in the tiny town of Mirboo North, all while retaining the magic of a small local family business. 

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Paul and Therese Gorton



Paul and Therese are the founders of Foodie, an online food ordering system which is designed to streamline and simplify ordering in school Food Technology departments. Foodie is a web-based application which collates and generates shopping lists for each of the school's suppliers, which saves staff time and money. Paul and Therese hope to expand the application of Foodie to aged care residences and restaurants.  


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Laura Eddington

Little Bumble Reusable Food Wraps


Little Bumble Reusable Food Wraps was founded by Laura Eddington in 2017 in West Gippsland. Being raised locally from a farming family, Laura is a passionate Gippslander and proud to be on the mission to preserve the freshness of our bountiful and bee-autiful local produce. Laura showcases their Gippsland made wraps nationwide and abroad, and is excited to continue taking Little Bumble to the next level.

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Erin Lord

Aeromedical Solutions


Aeromedical Solutions is a medical repatriation brokering service for Australians who have become ill or injured overseas. They aim to take the complexities out of a situation you never want to be in - being overseas or interstate, and under or uninsured, unwell or injured. Erin believes that Gippsland offers the ideal environment for entrepreneurs to have a go, test their idea, get support, and build a community around them. 

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